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AcA Elected Leaders

Per AcA Bylaws, term of office shall be for two years or for the duration of the Assembly term, whichever shall be the shorter. Year below indicates end of term in June.

Frank Shih (CSE), President, AY '21
Terri Clark (CON), VP - Program Review Committee, AY '21
Kirsten Thompson (CAS), VP - Faculty Handbook Revision Committee, AY '22
Sarah Bee (ASB), VP - Committees, AY ‘21

Office of the Provost Ex-Officio Representatives
Shane P. Martin, Provost
Kathleen La Voy, Associate Provost

Student Ex-Officio Representatives
Rose Murphy (SGSU Rep)
Obed Kabanda (GSC Rep)

Staff Council Representative 
Angie Jenkins

AcA Elected Members

Per AcA Bylaws, regular full-time members serve 3-year terms. Year below indicates end of term in June.

Carol Adams (COE), AY '23
Felipe Anaya (LIB), AY '21
Connie Anthony (CAS), AY '23
Sarah Bee (ASB), AY '21
Mimi Cheng (CSE), AY '22
Yancy Dominick (CAS), AY '22

Holly Ferraro (ASB), AY '23
Kate Koppelman (CAS), AY '21
Margit McGuire (COE) AY '22
Peter Amah (NCS) AY '23
Patrick Murphy (CON) AY '22
Robin Narruhn (CON) AY '23
Terri Clark (CON) AY '21
Katie Oliveras (CSE) AY '23
Christopher Paul (CAS), AY '22

Russ Powell (LAW), AY '21
Gregory Silverman (LAW) AY '22
Mark Taylor (STM), AY '21

Per AcA Bylaws, regular part-time members serve 1-year terms. Year below indicates end of term in June.

John Trafton (CAS), AY '21
Richard McGaha (CAS), AY '21



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Current AcA Bylaws
Old Bylaws (2017)

Approved AcA Motions

Resolution Adopted on 06-01-2020
2020-21 Approved Motions
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2017-18 Approved Motions
(Approved motions are not kept prior to 2017-18. They can be found in the minutes.)

AcA APPR Report

AcA APPR Report (Approved by a vote of the AcA Memberhsip on April 19, 2021)