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AcA Membership

AcA Elected Leaders

Per AcA Bylaws, term of office shall be for two years or for the duration of the Assembly term, whichever shall be the shorter. Year below indicates end of term in June.

Frank J. Shih (CSE), President - AY '23
Marc Cohen (ASB), President-elect - AY'23
Patrick L. Schoettmer (CAS), VP of Committees - AY '23
Margit McGuire (COE), VP of Curriculum - AY '23
Vacant, VP of Policy - AY '24

Office of the Provost Ex-Officio Representatives
Shane P. Martin, The Provost
Jodi O'Brien, Associate Provost

Student Ex-Officio Representatives
Benjamin Jones-Rice (SGSU Rep)
Gabby Rios (GSC Rep)

Staff Council Representative 
Angie Jenkins

AcA Elected Members

Per AcA Bylaws, regular full-time members serve 3-year terms. Year below indicates end of term in June.

Carol M. Adams (COE) - AY '23
Philip Barclift, replaced Connie G. Anthony (CAS) - AY '23
Mark Cohan (CAS) - AY '23
Douglas Eriksen (LIB) - AY '24
Naomi Hume, replaced Kirsten Moana Thompson (CAS) - AY '23
Nalini Iyer (CAS) - AY '25
Margit McGuire (COE) - AY '26
Carrie Westmoreland Miller (CON) - AY '24
Patrick J.M. Murphy (CON) - AY '26
Katie Oliveras (CSE) - AY '23
Russell Powell (LAW) - AY '23
Gayle Robinson (CON) - AY '25
Bryan Ruppert (ASB) - AY '25
Patrick L. Schoettmer (CAS) - AY '25
Frank J. Shih (CSE) - AY '24
Gregory Silverman (LAW) - AY '26
Phillip Thompson (CSE) - AY '24
Rev Michael Reid Trice (STM) - AY '23
Erin Vernon, substituting for Marc Cohen (ASB) - AY '25
Glenn Yasuda (CSE) - AY '26
Valentina Zamora, replaced Holly Ferraro (ASB) - AY '23

Per AcA Bylaws, regular part-time members serve 1-year terms. Year below indicates end of term in June.

Paul Kurose (CSE) - AY '23
Richard L. McGaha (CAS) - AY '23
Kyle Peet (CSE) - AY '23



Administrative Support

Caroline Pedro

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