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Frank J. Shih, PhD



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Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Shih teaches junior level required courses and junior/senior electives in materials science, structural mechanics, and mechanical design. His research focuses on applied mechanics and failure issues in composite and other advanced materials used in aerospace and biomedical applications.



Dr. Shih received his BSME from UC Irvine, MSME, MS Materials Science & Engineering, and PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Major Field: Solid & Structural Mechanics) from UCLA. His dissertation was on the mechanics of Lamb waves from damaging impacts in fiber-reinforced composite materials. The work was honored by The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) with the 2003 Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Best Paper Award.

Prior to completing his PhD, Dr. Shih conducted research in laser-based ultrasound at the former Rockwell Science Center in Thousand Oaks, California (1998-2000, hosted by Dr. A. D. W. McKie). As an Associate Staff Scientist at Lasson Technologies in Culver City, California (2000-01), Dr. Shih developed laser ultrasonic prototype systems and diagnostic methods for industry clients. Dr. Shih holds a US patent and has published a number of articles in nondestructive evaluation, wave mechanics, mechanics of composites, and materials science. Prior to his SU appointment, Dr. Shih taught at both UCI and UCLA (2002-3) as an adjunct faculty while conducting post-doctoral research.

Dr. Shih has successfully guided students in their pursuit of graduate studies and external scholarships. He is also the driving force behind ASME HPVC competition entries (2003-9) and a study abroad program. He is the faculty advisor to Taiwanese Student Association. For his scholarly achievements and dedication to student welfare, he was nominated by ASME for the Puget Sound Engineering Council (PSEC) Academic Engineer of the Year Award in both 2008 and 2009.