Student Employment

Dear Student,

Your employment as a student provides a vital link between your college education and employment after graduation. This job will provide you with valuable work experience. Any future prospective employer will want to know what work experience you have gained while you attended college.

Every position in Seattle University Recreation will give you work experience related to your chosen field of education. You will get experience working with others in a professional setting. You will learn how to complete tasks in a group as well as work independently. You will learn how to follow directions as well as become responsible for taking initiative on your own. You will be required to utilize customer service, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills. All of these skills are transferable to any future full-time position and should be indicated on your resume.

I sincerely hope that you find your employment with University Recreation to be a valuable experience.

Dion Wade
University Recreation

Do you want to work in a fun, team-based environment? Do you want to have a challenging, formative work experience? If so, University Recreation may be the place for you. A complete listing of student staff positions within our department is listed below as well as the University Recreation Employment Application.

University Recreation Employment Application


  • Not currently hiring

Facilty Operations

  • Not currenlty hiring 


  • Hiring Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainers
  • Currently hiring a Fitness Program Coordinator. Priority applications due 2/2/18

Competitive Sports



  • Not currently hiring