University Recreation

Student Employment

  • Do you want to work in a fun, team-based environment? Do you want to have a challenging, formative work experience? If so, University Recreation may be the place for you. We have over a hundred part-time student employment positions with many requiring no previous experience with sports or fitness. Whether you are an accounting, philosophy, education, engineering, or nursing major, you will gain transferable skills for your future work experiences here at URec, so check us out!

     Visit the Redhawk Network at for current position openings. A complete listing of student staff positions within our department is listed below. If there is not a listing on the Redhawk Network, you may fill out our general application to be considered for any positions that may be or become open. 

    Facility & Operations

    • Facility Operations Managers - Hired Internally  
    • Fitness Staff - No positions available
    • Lifeguard - No positions available
    • Aquatic Manager - Hired Internally
    • Maintenance Technician - No positions available

    Intramurals Sports & Sport Clubs

    • Intramural Sports Official & Scorekeeper - No positions available
    • Competitive Sports Manager - Intramurals - Hired Internally
    • Competitive Sports Manager - Sport Clubs - Hired Internally

    Outdoor Adventure Recreation (OAR)

    • OAR Program Manager - Hired Internally
    • OAR Board Member - Hired Internally
    • OAR Trip Lead - Hiring in Spring

    Fitness & Instructional Programs

    • Fitness Instructor - No positions available
    • Fitness Coach (Personal Trainer) - No positions available

    Departmental Positions

    • Marketing Manager - No positions available
    • Office Manager - Hired Internally
    • Office Assistant - Positions Available (see Redhawk Network)
    • START Member - Hired Internally
    • R.M. Committee Member - Hired Internally