Wellness and Health Promotion

We focus on you

so you can focus on changing the world

You're at your best when you're feeling well and we're here to help.  From online screenings, to individual consultations, to large events, we offer the education and support you need to be successful here at SU.

We focus on you

Food Security Initiatives and Education

Through the Seattle University Wellness Café and Food Pantry, Wellness and Health Promotion supports Seattle University students experiencing food insecurity. Students may request bags containing 1 – 2 days of food each week through our online form. The Wellness Café and Food Pantry also partners with SU Edible Campus to provide fresh seasonal produce and with Redhawk Dining turn excess food production into frozen meals. Come visit Wellness Café and Food Pantry in its new location Pavilion (PAVL) 150. The Food Security Initiative also offers SNAP counseling and short-term Emergency Dining Dollars.

Healthy Relationships Education

Relationships are everywhere. We have relationships with our family, friends, roommates, and intimate partners. Navigating these relationships is a learned skill. Wellness and Health Promotion offers programs and services to help students understand healthy relationships, sexual and reproductive health, and sexual misconduct. To learn more, find our our healthy relationships education program pages on the RedHawk Hub. For resources and support for sexual assault, dating or domestic violence, stalking or sexual harassment, go to https://www.seattleu.edu/get-help

Physical Wellness Education

Physical wellness is important at college. For some SU students, pesky colds, sleeping well, understanding nutrition, or even dealing with chronic illness create challenges to physical wellbeing at college. The team at Wellness and Health Promotion can help you connect with resources to support your physical wellbeing. We even have educational programs and services that focus on sleep hygiene and wellness. To learn more about our resources, check out our physical wellness pages on the RedHawk Hub.

Mental Wellbeing Education

Our mental health needs to be exercised like our body. While many adults have strong mental hygiene practice, similar numbers of young adults struggle to maintain their mental wellbeing. Either way, you’re not alone. Wellness and Health Promotion offers emotional wellness education, support, and services. From peer-to-peer conversations trained Peer Health Educators to Lux, our bright light therapy lamp loan program, or Mental Health First Aid training to journaling workshops, Wellness and Health Promotion can support and enhance your mental wellbeing. For more mental health and wellness resources, check out our mental health and wellness pages on the RedHawk Hub. For clinical counseling and support, Counseling and Psychological Services offers in-person on-campus counseling and TimelyCare offers virtual teletherapy.

Substance Use Education

The choice is yours and it should be an educated one. There are lots of myths out there about alcohol and other drugs.  We're here to offer the factual, research-based information available alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs presented by peers for peers. We also offer Naloxone training and opioid stigma education. Find our substance use education resources on the RedHawk Hub to learn more.

Peer Health Education and Support

Peer education is central to services offered through Wellness and Health Promotion. Health and Wellness Crew (HAWC) Peer Health Educators and volunteers have been trained on each of our focus areas: food security, healthy relationships, physical health, mental wellbeing, and substance use education. HAWC Peer Health Educators also provide peer-to-peer conversations, referrals and emotional support. If you'd like to find a time to meet with a HAWC member, you can use this form. The role a HAWC member plays can be flexible, depending on what type of support you're looking for. Click here for more information about becoming a HAWC Peer Health Educator or volunteer.