Wellness and Health Promotion

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You're at your best when you're feeling well and we're here to help.  From online screenings, to individual consultations, to large events, we offer the education and support you need to be successful here at SU.

We focus on you

LUX: Borrow a Bright Light Therapy Lamp 

Wellness and Health Promotion is offering students the ability to borrow a bright light therapy lamp for 30 days. Students extend the loan period for another 30 days if a waitlist does not exist.

Light therapy lamps when used properly can increase energy, enhance mood, improve sleep, and enchance mood. Studies have shown that bright light therapy lamps, along with appropriate professional support and self-help skills, can help address Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). 

You can borrow a bright light therpy lamp from Wellness and Health Promotion located in Student Center 380 beginning Friday, October 22, 2021. Lamps are first come, first serve, and Wellness and Health Promotion will begin a waitlist once all lamps are checked out. 

Questions about LUX may be directed to Renata Elías Loyola, relias-loyola@seattleu.edu, Program Coordinator for Mental Health Education.

Sanvello at Seattle U

Sanvello Corporate Logo

The Sanvello app is designed to support mental wellness through a variety of activities and tool, including meditation, mindfulness exercises, journaling, and mood boards. Since no two people are the same, students can select and use whichever tools are most helpful for them in their personal wellness journey. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has paid for a Sanvello Premium account for all SeattleU students. To access Sanvello Premium, students should sign-up using their SU email address (@seattleu.edu). Download on the Apple App Store. Get it on Google Play.

Unsure? Take a look at Sanvello's video tour


Refresh Sleep Support

The Refresh Sleep Support logo is a purple sheep sleeping on a crescent moon on a gray background.

Refresh is an 8-week emailed-delivered program which uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to improve sleep quality. Refresh is a clinically proven program and has been used to many universities throughout the United States. Nearly two-thirds of SeattleU students do not get enough sleep. Disruptions like COVID-19 have an impact on sleep quality. Lack of sleep has been demonstrated to have a similar negative effect on academic performance as regular binge drinking. You don’t need to have a “sleep problem” in order to try Refresh. There are multiple versions, and we use validated sleep scales to determine which version is right for you. This quarter, sign-ups for Refresh are on-going with a new cohort starting every one to two weeks. Sign-up for Refresh using this link.