Find out about Seattle University’s measles vaccine requirement, as well as other recommended vaccines for students.

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Immunizations, or vaccines, help protect individuals and communities by stimulating the immune system to recognize and fight specific pathogens, such as viruses or bacteria. They play a crucial role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and reducing the severity of illnesses. Immunizations contribute to achieving herd immunity within Seattle University, making it harder for diseases to spread. 

Measles Immunization Requirement

Seattle University recognizes that measles is a very contagious disease that can pose significant health risks to members of our campus community.  To help protect you and the entire SU community, all undergraduate students must prove that they are immune to measles. 

All students taking undergraduate courses must provide evidence of immunity to measles (rubeola) - two vaccinations, both administered after the age of one and given at least 28 days apart OR a positive blood (titer) test. 

Immunization submissions is completed on the Student Health Center's online Patient Medical Portal 

  • Enter the two measles vaccines and dates received OR the dates titer was completed. 
  • Upload required documentation. 

 If you are having difficulty uploading, you may email, fax or mail to the SU Student Health Center but processing times are longer. 

Choose one of the options below: 

Vaccination Record 

  • All documents must be easy to read. 
  • All documents must be in English (originally, or with legible English translation) 
  • Must show your name and date of birth. 
  • Acceptable sources for the vaccination record include those from a doctor, clinic, state, military, pharmacy, and school records. 
  • Records from a doctor or clinic with the name of the provider or clinic and their contact information. 
  • Immunization certificate from your high school 
  • State immunization record 
  • Military immunization record 
  • Yellow Card for international travelers if those vaccines have been stamped 
  • The source must not accept self-reporting of vaccines 

Blood titer test results

  • Lab test must be a rubeola IgG (measles) blood titer 
  • IgM titer will not be accepted 
  • Lab report needs to include: 
  • Date of the blood draw 
  • Result of test (positive, negative, or equivocal) 
  • If the result of the blood test is negative or equivocal you will need to receive two measles vaccines to meet the requirement. 

Seattle University form  

1. Immunization(s) at Seattle University Student Health Center (Current students) 

  1. Log into the Medicat Patient Portal at
  2. Select immunizations
  3. Click the green Print box which will result in a PDF with the immunizations you received at the student health center 

2. Immunization(s) at Seattle University Student Health Center (Inactive students) 

  1. Complete the Authorization to Disclose Health Care Information Requires a wet signature or a digital signature such as through Adobe. A typed name alone will not be accepted. Return to the SHC by email, fax, mail, or in person. Please be aware that requests for information are processed in the order received and can take up to 2 weeks from the time received. 

3. Immunization(s) at another clinic or pharmacy in WA state - If you received your vaccine in WA state it may be found on the WA state immunization registry. 

  • Option 1: Sign up for MyIR to View, Download, and Print Your Family's Immunization Information
  • MyIR allows you to manage your family's immunization records securely online. Once you register, you can access the records any time you need them. You may also print your child's Certificate of Immunization Status (PDF) for school and child care entry. You can do all of this without an extra trip to your healthcare provider or school. 

Step 1: Go to to begin the sign-up process. If you choose the Auto Match option and the system finds an exact match, MyIR will send you a verification code by either text or phone call. If an exact match is not found, MyIR will direct you to Step 2. 

Step 2: Fill out an Authorization to Release Immunization Records (PDF) or an Autorización para entregar documentos de vacunaciones (PDF) and check the box indicating you want to access your records online via MyIR. Mail, fax, or e-mail the form to: 

Washington State Immunization Information System 
PO Box 47843 
Olympia, WA 98504-7843 
Fax: 360-236-3590 

Once we receive your signed form, we'll register you in MyIR and send you a temporary PIN and instructions on what to do next. When you're done, you'll have immediate access to your family's immunization records to view, download, or print as often as you need. If you have any questions, please contact us at 360-236-3595 or 1-866-397-0337 or by e-mail at 

Above steps and more information about setting up your account are available at 

There is also a mobile option, but it does not provide an official document for a school if that is what is needed. 

4. Immunization(s) in a state other than Washington - Some states have registries (Immunization Information Systems) that include adult vaccines similar to WA state which can checked at 

Possible situations and solutions if you don't have the required proof of measles immunity: 

  • No measles vaccines: You will need to start the MMR series which is two shots at least 28 days apart. 
  • Only one measles vaccine: You will need to receive an MMR vaccine which will meet the requirement for a second dose. 
  • Measles vaccine date prior to 12 months: You will need to receive an additional MMR, two doses must be after your 1st birthday. 
  • Negative measles blood test: You will need to receive two dose of MMR vaccine even if you have documentation of previously administered measles vaccine.
  • Documentation not uploaded: Entering the dates on the patient medical portal is not enough, documentation needs to be uploaded as well.
  • Vaccine records in language other than English: Vaccine record either needs official translation or you can have a healthcare provider who can read the vaccine record complete the Immunization Form for Healthcare Provider. 

Yes, even if a hold was placed on your account, you will still be able to move into the residence hall. A hold will prevent you from changing your schedule or registering next quarter, but it would not prevent you from moving into the residence hall.  

Recommended Vaccines

College is the time for new and educational experiences but don't let a vaccine-preventable disease be one of them. In addition to the measles immunity requirement, we recommend Seattle University students stay up-to-date with several other important immunizations.

  • COVID-19 vaccines per CDC recommendations 
  • Hepatitis A 
  • Hepatitis B 
  • HPV, such as Gardasil 9 
  • Influenza (each fall at the start of flu season) 
  • Meningitis MCV4 such as Menactra or Menveo
  • Meningitis B, such as Bexsero or Trumenba (SU SHC has Bexsero)
  • Td/Tdap (tetanus diphtheria or tetanus diphtheria acellular pertussis)
  • Varicella (chickenpox)
  • College of Nursing Students: Additional Required Vaccines  

We recommend you upload all your vaccine information to the online Patient Medical Portal which will be accessible by clinic staff when you're seen at the Student Health Center. The SHC offers all the above vaccines except Varicella. For more information about the cost please visit Appointments and Billing.