Voices for Change

Voices for Change is an online training program designed to promote a healthier and safer campus environment for everyone.

Voices for Change: Online Training for All Incoming Students

Voices for Change is an online training program designed to promote a healthier and safer campus environment for everyone. Seattle University requires all incoming students to complete the program prior to attending classes. Voices for Change is divided into four critical areas which students face. Those areas are: living in and supporting an inclusive community, understanding and preventing sexual misconduct through bystander intervention, understanding alcohol and other drugs, and preventing hazing and bullying. This program is just one part of our commitment to these topics. During our students' time at Seattle University, they will have the opportunity to engage in an array of programs and activities that are more in depth explorations of these topics including bystander intervention, examining anti-racist practices, understanding sexual violence myths, risk reduction centered approaches to alcohol and other drugs, among others.

Assignments and the Requirement

Once you have been admitted and deposited for your first term at SU, we will assign you to Voices for Change and notify you via SU email. You will use your Seattle U login information to access the course.

Every incoming student is required to complete this training by the assigned due date. Students, who complete the program as a non-matriculated student or as an undergraduate and continue on for graduate studies, will need to complete the graduate version of the program.

Term Joining Seattle U Access Date Due Date
Fall Quarter 2023 7/1/2024 9/20/2024
Fall Semester 2023
(Law School)
7/12/2024 8/26/2024
Winter Quarter 2024 11/20/2024 1/4/2025
Spring Semester 2024
(Law School)
11/29/2024 1/13/2025
Spring Quarter 2024 2/15/2025 3/31/2025

New students who register for classes after the due date will have one week to complete assigned modules.

Voices for Change

Sign into Voices for Change using sign on.

Lifting a Hold

Beginning with students who enrolled over summer 2020, the hold removal process is automated. You should use the following link to Voices for Change and complete any remaining courses assigned to you. The system updates multiple times per day. The longest wait will be 8 hours.

If you enrolled prior to summer quarter 2020 or summer semester (law students) 2020, you were previously assigned to a program that we are no longer using. You will need to email voicesforchange@seattleu.edu to request access to the Voices for Changes. Once you are assigned to the course, you will be able to use the automated hold removal feature.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need assistance including assignment of courses, due dates, holds, please contact us directly at voicesforchange@seattleu.edu.

Seattle University believes in the importance of this training. At the same time, we recognize that the topics, particularly sexual misconduct, may be triggering for some members of our community. While the content was designed by experts and written in a trauma-informed way, we recognize that everyone's experience is different. As you engage with the program, if you find that this is your experience, please contact us at voicesforchange@seattleu.edu to request an accommodation. We have options. We hope this goes without saying, but we care deeply about all our students and are always available to talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Incoming students can expect an email (at their SU email address) notifying them of their assignment and due date. Once your due date has passed, a hold will be placed on your account preventing you from registering for future classes.

The course updates on a daily basis. Students who only recently deposited may need to wait a day after receiving access to other online systems. Students can expect an email notification with an introduction, course information, due dates, and instructions for accessing Voices for Change through the our vendor, Get Inclusive. Be sure to check your email, specifically your spam, deleted, or other email folders. If you cannot find the course invitation, please contact voicesforchange@seattleu.edu.

Seattle University requires all incoming students to complete training this training for a few main reasons:

  • To create a foundation of common language for continued discussions about inclusion, power, and privilege
  • To promote awareness and a campus free of sexual misconduct
  • So all students know about our policies and local laws
  • To introduce students to the powerful role they can play in preventing incidents of bias, sexual misconduct, substance abuse, and hazing
  • To share the resources that are available to support students

We understand the sensitive nature of sexual misconduct. The program was written in a trauma-informed way; however, we recognize everyone is different. If you'd like to complete this program with additional support or accommodation, please contact voicesforchange@seattleu.edu.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the content of this program, please call Chris Fiorello, Director of Wellness and Health Promotion, at 206-296-2593 so you can privately discuss your individual situation and determine the best way to proceed. We have options. We hope this goes without saying, but we care deeply about all our students and are always available to talk.

We love feedback and strive to make the course better for our students. We share all feedback with our partners at Get Inclusive who created the Voices for Change course and actively partner with them to improve the modules.

Feedback will be collected form participants at the end of the course. If you have additional suggestions for improvement, we'd love to hear from you. You can email voicesforchange@seattleu.edu and one of our staff will get back in touch with you. If you would like to provide your feedback directly and privately to a staff member, you may call Chris Fiorello at 206-296-2593 to schedule a time to speak individually.

Supplemental Content

This section of the website is a placeholder for supplemental content that is linked within Voices for Change.

Contact Us

Exceptions or Concerns About Course Content

Chris Fiorello

Director, Wellness & Health Promotion