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Medical Services

Learn about all the services available at the student health center, as well as where other services are available for the SU community.

Services Available at the Student Health Center  

  • Physicals: For volunteer work, travel, ROTC, College of Nursing, Diagnostic ultrasound program (Only physicals required for SU programs being scheduled at this time) 
  • Acute Care: diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, minor injuries, and infections 
  • Sports Medicine: treatment of concussions, muscle strains, joint sprains and fractures with referral to specialists as needed 
  • Skin Care: including treatment of acne, eczema, warts 
  • GYN and Reproductive Health Services: pap smears, pregnancy testing, pregnancy prevention, PCOS, breast concerns 
  • STD evaluation: testing, treatment, counseling, and PrEP 
  • Mental Health: diagnosis and treatment of anxiety and depression; medication management for other stable mental health conditions; referral to psychiatry as needed  
  • Eating Disorder: consultation and referral 
  • Immunizations, TB screening 
  • Laboratory Services: specimens obtained at the Student Health Center but sent to outside facility (LabCorp) who can bill student health and private insurance 
  • Imaging: Ordered by ARNP in the SHC but testing done at outside facility (Seattle Radiology) who can bill students insurance 

Services Available in the Seattle University Community

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Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Offers free and confidential short term mental health counseling and referrals for current students.

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Campus Ministry

Provides one-on-one pastoral counseling. 

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Disability Services

Resources for students who are experiencing physical or mental health concerns that may impact academic performance. 

Student Reading

Wellness and Health Promotion

Provides peer education, support and access to the SU food pantry. 

Services Available in the Community Surrounding SU

  • Specialty care such as endocrinology, rheumatology, etc.
  • Learning disorder diagnostic evaluation
  • ADHD diagnostic evaluation
  • Immunotherapy/allergy shot administration
  • Laceration repair (stitches) or skin biopsy
  • Imaging services on campus (see above-students sent to Seattle Radiology with ARNP's order)
  • Hearing or corrective vision screens
  • Dental care
  • Vision care and corrective lens prescriptions

Map Of Pharmacies Near SU

Pharmacy map

Student Health Center

Bellarmine Hall #107 
1111 E. Columbia St. 
Seattle, WA  98122 

Fax 1-206-296-6089