Business Through The Economic Lens

With an emphasis on economics as it relates to business, the Albers’ Bachelor of Business Administration (BABA) in Economics degree provides a comprehensive study of economics, business policy, and strategy. Designed for students interested in solving problems and making decisions in the private and public sectors, our program cultivates students' analytical, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Business Policy

Our highly effective, dedicated faculty help you develop the skills you need to be an effective and ethical leader. In addition, the Economics Department has an advisory board that consists of local economists from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Our work with these experts indirectly enhances a student's experience. For instance, feedback from the advisory board and other professionals has inspired our faculty to create assignments that help students develop the skills most valued by employers.

Upon graduation, you will be equipped to apply the skills you have learned as you pursue graduate study and/or careers in economics, data analytics, law, business, public administration, or other areas of business.

Economics Tutoring Appointments

The Economics tutors are here to help you practice, study and master the material for class. The Economics lab is a free service provided by Seattle University for students who are looking to catch up or get ahead in class.

Micro & Macro: Two Branches of Economics


Focusing on consumers and producers, microeconomics addresses decisions about what is produced, how goods and services are distributed, and who receives the income.


Macroeconomics examines the overall economy—national and international—including issues of growth, unemployment, and inflation

These two branches of economics provide frameworks for analyzing the implications of business decisions.

Economics: A World-Changing Career Opportunity 

What Career Choices Will You Have as a Business Economics Major?

Graduating with a major in Business Economics offers you the opportunity to pursue a career in many industries and specialties, including:

International Business Law Health Insurance
Consulting Finance Marketing Data Analytics