Program Requirements

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From Seattle University's 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog.

In order to earn the bachelor of arts in economics degree with a major in economics, students must complete a minimum of 180 quarter credits with a cumulative and major/program grade point average of 2.25, including the following:

I. University Core Curriculum Requirements

55 credits, including:

Module I
Course Number Course Title Credits
UCOR 1100 Academic Writing Seminar 5
UCOR 1200 Quantitative Reasoning (satisfied in major)  
UCOR 1300 Creative Expression and Interpretation 5
UCOR 1400 Inquiry Seminar in the Humanities 5
UCOR 1600 Inquiry Seminar in the Social Sciences 5
UCOR 1800 Inquiry Seminar in the Natural Sciences 5
Module II
Course Number Course Title Credits
UCOR 2100 Theological Explorations 5
UCOR 2500 Philosophy of the Human Person 5
UCOR 2910 Ethical Reasoning Business 5
Module III
Course Number Course Title Credits
UCOR 3100 Religion in a Global Context 5
UCOR 3400 Humanities and Global Challenges 5
UCOR 3800 Natural Sciences and Global Challenges 5

II. Major Requirements*

65 credits, including:

Course Number Course Title Credits
ECON 2100 Business Statistics 5
ECON 2110 Principles of Economics - Micro 5
ECON 2130 Principles of Economics - Macro 5
ECON 3100 Quantitative Methods and Applications 5
ECON 3130 Int'l Economic Events and Business Decisions 5
ECON 3110 Intermediate Microeconomics 5
ECON Electives.
Choose from upper division ECON courses, excluding ECON 4890. You may include FINC 3430. A minimum of 10 credits must be from:
ECON 3500 American Economic History  
ECON 3610 Economics of Gender and Family  
ECON 3620 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics  
ECON 3630 Health Economics and Policy  
ECON 3750 Asian Economic Development  
ECON 3780 Financial Markets and Economic Development  
ECON 4110 Applied Econometrics  
ECON 4120 Forecasting Business Conditions  
ECON 4660 Public Finance  
ECON 4680 Urban/Regional Economics  
ECON 4680 Urban/Regional Economics  
ECON 4720 International Economics  
FINC 3430 Financial Institutions and Markets  
Choose one of two courses for senior synthesis: 5
ECON 4800 History of Economic Thought  
ECON 4890 Senior Research
(with permission of chair)
Calculus, choose one of the following two courses (MATH 1334 recommended): 5
MATH 1130 Elements of Calculus for Business  
MATH 1334 Calculus I  

III. Additional Requirements

Course Title Credits
General Electives to total 180 credit hours. 55
ACCT 2300 (Principles of Financial Accounting) and BCOM 2800 (Communications for Business) are recommended general electives.

EXCEL Requirement:

All business students entering SU summer 2012 or later are required to pass the EXCEL Level I Certification Exam as a requirement for graduation.

For details, see the Excel Certification page.

Please note:

Internships or independent studies may not satisfy major requirements.

* Major requirements must earn a C- grade or better.