Soar Higher With Seattle U

Seattle University students are the ones who make a meaningful impact on the world. They’re future-focused, fearlessly exceptional and brimming with passion and purpose. They’re the ones who balance self-reliance with interdependence. Knowledge with spirituality. And bravely go forth where others dare not.

At Seattle University, you will learn that mind, body, and spirit are the essential elements of a well-rounded, Jesuit Catholic education. Our curriculum and character stretch far beyond the classroom and into the world that surrounds us.

Spend your spring working with an NGO in India. Your summer interning for a Fortune 500 company in downtown Seattle. Your evenings hanging out where music fans first discovered Nirvana. Indulge your adventurous spirit, get your hands dirty and become invested in the community as you enrich the lives of everyone you meet.

It all begins here at Seattle University. That first class. That first student club. That moment when you and your peers look around and realize that in a city so full of culture and history, you are one of the ones prepared to make a difference.

What kind of applicant am I?

Declaring a Major

At Seattle University, applicants are accepted directly to their majors of choice at the time of admission. No worrying about whether you’ll be able to get into your major! Freshmen or transfers with less than 36 credits can use the Common Application Member Section by checking the corresponding box (e.g. biology, or pre-major).

Investing in your Future

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Strategic Communications & Public Affairs Student | Katie

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Digital Design Student | Chris

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Sports and Exercise Science/ French Student: Quinn