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Experimenting with Trust

A pile of U.S.Dollars

Faculty Fellow and Professor of Business Ethics, Marc Cohen, discusses his latest research and how managers can create a culture of trust.
May 12, 2021

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Facial Recognition in Hiring: Occupational Segregation on Speed

Profile of young male with lines over the face as if scanning

Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of Business Law, Geneva Sedgwick, writes about discrimination, privacy and autonomy in the use of facial recognition technology for hiring.
Apr 22, 2021

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The Ethics of Vaccine Passports

Close up of boarding pass and passport in an airport

What are the problems associated with vaccine passports? Center Director Jeffery Smith recently discussed the ethics of vaccination requirements with the Albers Point of View (POV).
Apr 22, 2021

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Investing in Sustainability

Small green sprout growing in the dirt.

What is the relationship between the economic and moral case for investing in sustainability? Faculty Fellow Tina Zamora examines how the answer to this question varies, looking at the perspectives of investors, employees and regulators.
Mar 25, 2021

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Trust and Control

Three people meeting from a birds-eye view

Faculty Fellow and Professor Marc Cohen has published extensively on trust in business. In this post, he examines a fundamental question: how should we control the behavior of employees and business partners if we want to build a culture of trust?
Jan 21, 2021

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