Beta Alpha Psi

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Winter Recruitment Happening Now!

Why join BAP?

  • Develop yourself as a business professional
  • Opportunities to network with professionals in accounting, finance, and data analytics
  • Build relationships with members through service events, professional events, and socials


  • Complete eight professional hours and eight community service hours each quarter.
  • Earn a minimum of a 3.2 GPA on a 4.0 scale in Accounting 3010 and either Accounting 3110 or 3360 (whichever is taken first). Finance and Data Analytics majors will be evaluated by the first two upper division courses in their major.
  • Remain in good financial standing with the chapter. (ie. Pay candidate dues before the specified deadline.) 
  • Submit the new candidate application before the specified deadline at the beginning of the quarter. 
  • Attend all mandatory candidate events as outlined in the beginning of the quarter. 
  • Exceptions to these requirements can be appealed in writing addressed to the Executive Board.

Learn more about professional and community service hours on our BAP Hours page

Alumni Spotlight
Alumnus Frank Ruiz shares why he joined BAP

"I joined BAP because the previous VP of Membership showed me how good an opportunity it was to build a strong network. I can honestly say it’s thanks to BAP that I now work at Deloitte, and for that I am eternally grateful. It’s a great organization that is built on the strong bond between its members and their constant willingness to support each other."

Winter Quarter BAP Events:

  • January 6th: Grant Thornton
  • January 13th: Deloitte
  • January 19th: Candidate Class #1
  • January 20th: Association of Gov. Accountants
  • January 26th: Candidate Class #2
  • January 27th: TBD
  • February 2nd: Candidate Class #3
  • February 3rd: Personal Branding - Pooja Sund
  • February 9th: Candidate Class #4
  • February 10th: Anderson
  • February 16th: Candidate Class #5
  • February 17th: TBD
  • February 24th: TBD
  • March 1st: Initiation
  • March 3rd: By-Laws
  • March 10th: TBD