BAP Requirements

Candidate Requirements

While Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary organization, it carries an active program of professional, social, and service activities. The purpose of the candidate requirements is to permit a prospective member to demonstrate a general willingness to participate in societal activities. Thus, the following requirements are to be completed during the candidate period of two quarters: 

  • Complete eight professional hours and eight community service hours each quarter.
  • Earn a minimum of a 3.2 GPA on a 4.0 scale in Accounting 3010 and either Accounting 3110 or 3360 (whichever is taken first). Finance and Data Analytics majors will be evaluated by the first two upper-division courses in their major.
  • Remain in good financial standing with the chapter. (ie. Pay candidate dues before the specified deadline.) 
  • Submit the new candidate application before the specified deadline at the beginning of the quarter. 
  • Attend all mandatory candidate events as outlined in the beginning of the quarter. 
  • Exceptions to these requirements can be appealed in writing addressed to the Executive Board. 

Active Membership Requirements

All members of Beta Alpha Psi must declare either an Accounting, Data Analytics, or Finance Major at Seattle University. A minimum of six community service and six professional hours per quarter will be required of all members of Beta Alpha Psi for active status. However, candidates and those initiated into the National Accounting Society must maintain a minimum* of eight community service and eight professional hours every quarter until they are admitted as an official member. Once initiated into Beta Alpha Psi, active status must be maintained continually or inactive dues apply. 

Membership and Candidate Dues

All members and candidates are required to pay quarterly membership fees. Dues must be received by the specified date at the beginning of the quarter or else late fees apply. Due amounts are specified at the beginning of the quarter and differ for members and candidates. 

BAP Hours

Both candidates and members are required to satisfy hourly requirements in order to be part of Beta Alpha Psi. These hourly requirements revolve around professional hours and community service hours. These hours can be obtained either through BAP events or non-BAP events.

Professional Hours

Professional hours are broken down into BAP professional hours and non-BAP professional hours. BAP Professional hours are any BAP-sponsored events that occur throughout the quarter. They are mostly made up of our weekly meetings with business professionals, although sometimes they also include other events around Albers that BAP is hosting.

There are also non-BAP hours, which are non-BAP-sponsored professional events. You are allowed up to five non-BAP hours for the Fall and Spring quarters. Examples of non-BAP professional hours are but not limited to:

Community Service Hours

Just like professional hours, community service hours are also broken into BAP community service hours and non-BAP community service hours. BAP community service hours are BAP-sponsored community service events. Our VP of Community Service helps provide us with events throughout the quarter. The types of events include helping out with community lunches, cleaning streets, and donations.

There are also non-BAP community service hours which are non-BAP sponsored professional events. This can be anything that helps out your community. You are allowed up to five non-BAP hours for the Fall and Spring quarters. Examples of non-BAP community service hours are but not limited to:

  • Tutoring
  • Helping out at a church
  • Assisting at a soup kitchen
  • Volunteering at an animal shelter
  • Helping clean up your neighborhood