Alumni Profiles

Check out Why our Alumni Joined BAP!

Frank Ruiz

"I joined BAP because the previous VP of Membership showed me how good an opportunity it was to build a strong network. I can honestly say it’s thanks to BAP that I now work at Deloitte, and for that I am eternally grateful. It’s a great organization that is built on the strong bond between its members and their constant willingness to support each other."

Liza Saludares

"As a freshman, I was encouraged to join BAP by the chapter President who, along with the rest of the chapter, showed me the opportunities that were available within our organization and profession. Thanks to BAP and the support of my fellow BAPsters and advisors, I currently work at CLA. The Delta Eta BAP chapter is a great organization that aims to develop a community of young professionals."

Fun fact: Liza was our President two years ago! From the BAP family, we miss you and it’s so inspiring how awesome you’re doing in your accounting career!

McKenna Mau

“I joined BAP to make more more connections with both professionals and my fellow students. Furthermore, BAP helped to prepare me for my career.” 

Cat Peng

“I joined BAP to network and make more connections in the business field. It was a great opportunity for me to understand what kind of field (Accounting, Marketing, Business Analytics, etc.) I wanted to be in the business school. I got to learn about different companies through our weekly Thursday meetings where a different firm would come in to talk about who they are and what they do.”

Alex Drake

“After changing my major to Accounting in my sophomore year, I knew that BAP was a necessity to properly develop my career. The connections and friends that I made during my time at BAP were irreplaceable.”