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What programs do you offer?
We offer degree programs, joint degrees, and certificates. Please visit our Degrees page for more details on each program offered.

Which program is right for me?
We can help you assess which program suits your interests and needs best. Please review the programs we offer and their requirements. We encourage you to contact one of our advisors if you’d like to make an appointment.

How does SU’s PMBA Program compare to UW’s PMBA Program?
Unfortunately, we can't address the details of the program that the UW offers. Our best advice is to look at the ratio of core to elective classes, as well as how many elective and certificate options you would have at either program.

What is the average class size?
Average class size is 20 to 25

What's the difference between the PMBA, BMBA, and EMBA Programs?
We have a great webpage for that, please visit Which MBA Is Right For You.

Do you offer a graduate program in Information Technology or Information Systems?
Please see the Computer Science program offered through our College of Science & Engineering. If you are interested in data analytics, please see the Master of Science in Business Analytics offered here at the business school.

Can I make an appointment with an admissions advisor?
We would love to get all of your questions answered. If you would like to schedule a time to talk with one of our graduate advisors feel free to give the front desk here at the business school a call to schedule a one on one meeting. The number is 206-296-5700.

What is the difference in a Certificate and a Master's degree? Which is best for me?
Consider the certificate similar to a "minor" and the full program as the “degree.” If you need to review a topic, a certificate is a great option. Additionally, it is a good option for someone who is established in a career, but would like to transition into a new area or enhance a skillset.  They are designed to allow working professionals to develop expertise and acquire a credential beyond their undergraduate degree without having to complete a full graduate degree program.

Can I start with a Certificate and transfer those credits into a Master's degree later?
Absolutely. You may begin a certificate program and subsequently apply for graduate program. You must begin this process before the final quarter of your certificate program. Please also note that once you have completed a certificate program those credits are “locked” and not available for application towards a Master's degree.

What does AACSB accredited mean? Why is it important?
AACSB stands for The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. AACSB Accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. Less than 5% of the world's 13,000 business programs have earned AACSB Accreditation. AACSB-accredited schools produce graduates who are highly skilled and more desirable to employers than other non-accredited schools.

May I submit GRE score instead of GMAT?
Yes, we accept both GRE score and GMAT score.

May I take classes before I have taken the GMAT?
No, the GMAT must be completed before students may begin the graduate program.

Is the program a cohort program or a rolling admission?
Our programs are on a rolling admission schedule. We accept applications and students every quarter of the year.

Are there any opportunities to learn more about the graduate programs at Seattle University?
Yes, there are information sessions online and in person at the Seattle campus. You may also schedule a meeting with a graduate advisor by calling the Albers School of Business and Economics front desk at (206) 296-5700.

May I still apply if I don't have a business related major or bachelor degree?
Yes, you may. We welcome students with all backgrounds into our programs.

What are the requirements to apply or get admitted into the program?
Application form and fee, resume, official transcript, official GMAT score, and official TOEFL score (if applicable). Please visit our Admissions page for more details. Albers School of Business and Economics applicants are accepted into the program on the basis of their entire history, considering each factor individually, and in combination, as part of the admissions process. Personal statements and letters of reference are not required, but may be included, especially if there is information an applicant feels is important for the committee to take into consideration in their decision.

Can I waive the GMAT or GRE?
The GMAT/ GRE waivers are only considered for PMBA program applicants that meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Applicant completed their undergraduate studies at SU and received a high GPA (3.25 or higher at the Albers School or 3.5 or higher in another program at SU)
  2. Applicant has one of the following:
    • CPA or CFA designation
    • Master's or PhD in a technical field
    • - Terminal degree such as JD, MD

What's the minimum GMAT score required to be accepted?

Please visit the following links to our class profiles regarding the average GMAT scores for all programs. While this is not a minimum, it is an indicator of the scores that we are receiving:

What are the application deadlines?

Application DeadlinesWinterSpringSummerFall
MBA, MPAC, MSF, and Certificate Programs
Domestic Students
Nov 1 Feb 1 May 1 Aug 1
Domestic Students
N/A N/A N/A July 1
Bridge MBA
Domestic Students
N/A N/A N/A July 1
All Programs
**International Students residing outside the U.S.
Sep 1 Dec 1 Jan 1 Apr 1

*Early decision: January 20

**International students currently in the U.S. may be eligible for a later application date. Please consult with an advisor here.

Does Albers offer a GMAT prep class? 
Yes. You may access GMAT information on the website.

Can I still be accepted if my GMAT/GRE score comes in after the deadline but I submitted the rest of my application?
We recommend taking the test no later than two weeks prior to the deadline. At the testing center you can request an unofficial, printed score. Bring that score to the admissions office and this will act as a “placeholder” while your application is being reviewed. The official score that is mailed to the school by GMAC will then confirm your unofficial score.

Do you require letters of recommendation or a personal statement?
Personal statements are optional for all graduate programs except for the MSBA and Bridge MBA programs. Letters of recommendation are not required for admission to any of our graduate programs. We encourage you to include these documents if there is information you feel is important for the committee to take into consideration in their decision.

Do you accept students only in the fall or throughout the year?
We have a rolling admissions policy for all programs, excluding the Bridge and MSBA programs which only begin in the fall. For all other programs, students are accepted year round, giving you the ability to begin any program in the term that best works with your schedule.

Do I need an undergraduate degree to be accepted?

What's the minimum GPA required to be accepted?
Please visit the following links to our class profiles regarding the average GPA for all programs. While this is not a minimum, it is an indicator of the scores that we are receiving:

If you are concerned about your GPA the best place to address these concerns is in the personal statement of you application. If you feel there is something about your work experience or education history that needs explaining, please take a moment to do so in this space.

Where do I mail my application?
All application materials should be sent to the following address:

Office of Graduate Admissions
Seattle University
901 12th Avenue
P.O. Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122-1090

What are the GMAT/GRE test codes?
Seattle University's codes for GMAT scores are:
Professional MBA (Part Time)- OTM-56-13
Professional MBA (Full Time)- OTM-56-88
Bridge MBA – OTM -56-99
MSBA - OTM-56-61
MSF - OTM-56-66
MPAC - OTM-56-50
L-EMBA - OTM-56-85

***Seattle University code number for GRE scores is GRE 4695.

My test score/GPA is low. Can I still be accepted?
The best place to address GPA concerns is in the personal statement of you application. If you feel there is something about your education history that needs explaining, please take a moment to do so in this space. It is also a good way for the admissions staff to get a better picture of who you are as a person. Additionally, it may be helpful for you to take some additional classes to show that you will be able to handle the workload. The GMAT will play a strong role in your selection as well. A high score on the test may be another goal that would help balance out a low GPA.

Is there any preparatory coursework that is required before entrance?
No, however, there are two preparatory requirements that students must meet within a specific timeframe upon admission to the program: Business Calculus and Professional Writing. The math requirement includes Business Calculus and can be waived if successfully completed with a grade of B (3.0) or above. Business Calculus, if not waived upon admission, must be completed within the first year of the program. Professional Writing can be satisfied by earning in the 25 percentile or higher on the verbal and writing section of the GMAT. Students who do not meet this minimum will be required to complete the Professional Writing class in their first quarter of the program.

When is the program start date?
The program starts every quarter in the following months: September for Fall, January for Winter, April for Spring, and June for Summer. Please for more details.

Financial Considerations

How much does the program cost?
All students in our graduate programs pay the same fees. Up to date information can be found on our tuition and fees page.

Are there scholarships available and how do I apply?
Albers offers several merit-based scholarships. For a list of the scholarships available as well as links to the applications can be found on our scholarships page.

Do you offer tuition reimbursement through my employer?
Yes. Please contact Student Financial Services for further information on the required paperwork.

Does Seattle University offer financial assistance to Veterans?
Yes we do. For information on financial assistance please contact Student Financial Services. Their contact information is as follows:

Email: financialservices@seattleu.edu
Phone: (206) 220-8020
Fax: (206) 296-5755

International Admissions (Including Online)

Do I need to get my transcripts evaluated?
Yes, all international transcripts need to be evaluated before they are sent to Seattle University.

We only accept evaluations from the following two organizations:

  1. Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)- We require the Course by Course Evaluation. More information on the transcript evaluation process and the evaluation application can be found at www.ece.org
  2. Educational Perspectives (EP)- We require the Detailed (Course by Course report). Directions and additional information specific to Seattle University can be found at www.edperspective.org/seattleu/

Please check the Graduate Admissions International Students page for more information.

Do I also need to send official copies of my transcripts with the evaluated copy?
Yes. Seattle University also needs an official (only considered official if they arrive in original envelope from the issuing institution or sent electronically via secured institution to institution system) set of transcripts, degree certificates, and/or graduation certificates.

Where should I send application materials?
All application materials should be sent to the following address:
Office of Graduate Admissions
Seattle University
901 12th Avenue
P.O. Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122-1090

What English language tests do you accept? What scores must I reach on these tests?
We accept the TOEFL, IELTS, Institutional MELAB, and Pearson Test of English. Please check the for minimum scores.

What is the Graduate ELCB Program?
The ELCB program is an English Language and Culture Bridge program that students must enroll in prior to starting their graduate business degree program at Seattle University if they get below a certain score on any of the English tests listed above. More information on the CLB program can be found at the English Language Learning Center page.

Can I have conditional admission?
Unfortunately, we do not offer conditional admission at this time.

Can I still be accepted if I submit my application after the deadline?
Applications with all documentation submitted prior to the deadline will take priority during the review process. Your application may still be reviewed for your desired term, but this cannot be guaranteed.

What's the minimum TOFEL score needed to be accepted?
A score of 92 on the internet or 580 on paper is the minimum.

What’s the minimum IELTS score needed to be accepted?
A score of 7 is the minimum.

My English proficiency score is too low. Can I still be accepted?
If your TOEFL score is 86-91 or your IELTS score is below 6.5 you will be required to complete an ESL course prior to admission to the business school. More information on the program can be found at the English language Learning Center website.

Can I waive the TOFEL or IELTS if I graduated from a US school?Graduate and post baccalaureate applicants who received a baccalaureate degree or higher from Seattle University or a recognized college or university in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand or Australia who remain in a country where English is the primary language for two years will not be required to submit English proficiency test scores. Seattle University maintains the right to require English proficiency testing when deemed necessary.

Can I waive the TOFEL or IELTS if I studied English in college?
Unless your undergraduate education was completed in a country where English is the primary language and you have remained in that country for two years, you will be required to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score.

Is there financial assistance available for international students?
We do have PMBA Merit Scholarships available for students who apply in summer or fall terms.  We also have Albers Graduate Scholarships for our students who are in the second year of their program.  Please see our  webpage.

Additionally, please contact the international student center. They can be reached at the following, and are the best people to speak to regarding financial assistance for international students:

Tel: (206) 296-6260
Email: isc@seattleu.edu

I have questions about my Visa requirements. Who can I talk to?
For questions regarding visas, please contact the international student center. They can be reached at the following, and are the best people to speak to regarding what documentation you will need:

Tel: (206) 296-6260
Email: isc@seattleu.edu

How many classes do I have to take as an international student?
For F1 students you must complete 9 credits per quarter to maintain full time status. Please contact the international student union. They can be reached at the following, and are the best people to speak to regarding enrollment requirements:

Tel: (206) 296-6260
Email: isc@seattleu.edu

What if I have additional international Admissions questions?
Please visit the Graduate Admissions FAQs for more information.

Online Degree International Admissions

Can international students pursue online degree programs?

Yes, international students can pursue online degree programs. 

  • Online MSBA: 100% online; F-1 student visa not required for admission to this program
  • Online MBA: 95% online, 5% in-person, on-campus; F-1 student visa not required for admission to this program; you may come as a tourist to fulfill the in-person, on-campus requirement

Registration & Course Load

Can I take prerequisite courses at another school and transfer the credits?

They can be included once you are enrolled or taken prior to application. Courses completed outside of Seattle U can be taken at any accredited institution, including a local community college or university.

Do you offer online courses?
Currently we only offer prerequisite courses online for students already admitted to the program. The classes offered include Business Calculus and Business Statistics

How long will it take to finish the program?

Estimated length of Albers Graduate programs:

ProgramPart-TimeFull-TimeTotal Credits
PMBA 9 Qtrs; 2.5 yrs 6 Qtrs; 1.5 yrs 54 credits
MPAC 8 Qtrs; 2yrs 4 Qtrs; 1 year 45 credits
MSBA 8 Qtrs; 2yrs 4 Qtrs; 1 year 45 credits
MSF 8 Qtrs; 2yrs Full-time 4 Qtrs; 1 year 45 credits
Bridge MBA 1 year 48 credits
ProgramPart-TimeFull-TimeMinimum Credits
Certificates 1+ year(s) 3 Quarters to 1 year 15 credits

What courses can I waive and how?
A meeting with your academic advisor will determine the number of classes able to be waived.  Waivers are based on previously completed courses and the grade received.

How many courses per quarter do I need to be considered full-time?
Any course load above 6 credits (or 2 classes) per quarter is considered full time enrollment.

Can I be a full-time student even though the program is called “Part-time MBA”?
If your schedule permits, you may enroll in more than one class. The majority of our students are employed and working full time while attending class in the evenings.

Are there graduate classes during the day?
No graduate classes are held during the day in the following Albers Graduate programs:

  • Professional MBA
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Master of Science, Business Analytics

In contrast, all classes for the Bridge MBA program are held during the day.

When are the evening classes?
6 p.m. to 8:40 p.m. 

I am working full time, how many classes do you recommend I take?
Most students working full-time take 2 classes per quarter; 6 credits.

How much study time is required per class on average?
The average student spends 1 to 2 times the amount of time preparing for class or studying as they spend in class. For example, one class per week for 2.5 hours = 2.5-5 hours of preparation each week.

How many classes will I have per week? 
Each class meets once a week in the evening. If you take 2 classes, you will have 2 classes every week, one per evening.

What certificates are available? 
We offer Graduate Certificates that can be taken in conjunction with the graduate degree programs. For more information on those, visit our Certificates page.

May I take a quarter off? 
Yes, we allow students to up to 3 quarters off and 6 years to complete the program. If you take more than 3 quarters off, you need to reapply to the program.

Career/Student Life

Can you tell me more about your career center?
Albers has the Albers Placement Center, which assists students and alumni to be successful in their career development and job placement activities. Please visit the link and read more on the services they provide for students.

Does the program help students get internship/full time positions?
We have a strong Career Placement Center that supports students in identifying and preparing for internship interviews and opportunities. While we don’t place students in internships, we have strong connections with the local business community and often have on campus recruiting sessions from many companies.

What are some of the companies that recruit heavily from SU?
To name a few- Amazon, Boeing, Blue Nile, CBRE, Ernst & Young, Holland America, ING Financial Partners, King County, New York Life, Nordstrom, PACCAR, Revel Consulting, T-Mobile, as well as a host of small- to medium-sized companies.

Do the Big Four accounting firms recruit from Seattle University?
Absolutely. They have a regular presence on our campus not only in a recruiting capacity, but also to host office hours, resume review sessions and mock interview sessions.

Am I eligible for CPT or OPT with your graduate programs?
For questions regarding the OPT and CPT certificate please contact the international student union, as they are the office that coordinates this program. They can be reached at the following:

Tel: (206) 296-6260
Email: isc@seattleu.edu

What types of student activities are available?
There are two graduate student clubs that serve our students: Albers Graduate Student Association (AGSA) and the Graduate Student Council (GSC). Past activities include: bowling, playing pool, watching Mariners games, wine and cheese socials, advisory board chats, etc.

I would like to speak with a current student in your program. How would I go about doing that?
Prospective and admitted students are welcome to contact our Graduate Student Ambassadors anytime. Visit the Graduate Student Ambassador blog for more information.