Management Faculty

Photo of Desiree Briel Rodi, MBA, MA

Desiree Briel Rodi, MBA, MA

Evidence-Based Coaching Certification, Fielding Graduate University
MA, Organizational Development and Change, Fielding Graduate University
MBA, Seattle University
BA, Art & American Studies, Yale University

Adjunct, Management

Photo of Teresa Brosnan, LLM, MBA, Attorney

Teresa Brosnan, LLM, MBA, Attorney

MBA, Marketing, City University of Seattle
LLM, Law and Marine Affairs, University of Washington
Graduate Certificate, Global Trade, Transportation & Logistics, University of Washington
Barrister-at Law, Inns of Court, School of Law
BSSc, Law and Economics, University of Keele

Adjunct, Management
Adjunct, Marketing

Photo of Marc Cohen, PhD

Marc Cohen, PhD

PhD, Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania
MA, Humanities (history of philosophy), University of Chicago
MA, Art History, Northwestern University
BA, Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania

Program Director, Professional MBA and Online MBA
Professor, Management
Professor, Philosophy (shared appointment with College of Arts & Sciences)
Genevieve Albers Professor, 2021-2024

Phone: 206-296-2399

Building/Room: Pigott 402

Photo of Paula Fitzgerald-Boos, MA

Paula Fitzgerald-Boos, MA

MA, Applied Behavioral Science, Leadership Institute of Seattle/Bastyr University
BS, Agriculture/Business, Oregon State University

Adjunct, Management

Phone: 206-310-5410

Building/Room: Pigott 433

Photo of Justin Gapper, Phd

Justin Gapper, Phd

PhD, Computational and Data Science, Chapman University
MS, Business Analytics, NYU Stern School of Business
MS, Computational and Data Science, Applied Mathematics, Chapman University
BA, Economics, University of California Los Angeles

Adjunct, Management

Photo of Maylon Hanold, EdD

Maylon Hanold, EdD

EdD, Leadership, Seattle University
MEd, Education, Harvard University
BA, French, University of Washington

Associate Teaching Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-2231

Building/Room: Pigott 404

Photo of Carl Horn, MBA

Carl Horn, MBA

MBA, Seattle University
BA, Business Administration, University of Washington
Masters Certificate, Commercial Contracting, Villanova University
Executive Certificate, Negotiations, University of Notre Dame

Adjunct, Management

Photo of Asefeh Houshyari, EdD

Asefeh Houshyari, EdD

EdD, Seattle University
MBA, Seattle University
BS, Economics, Tehran University, Iran

Adjunct, Economics
Adjunct, Management

Photo of Ernest L. Hughes, EdD

Ernest L. Hughes, EdD

MS, Global Supply Chain Management, University of Alaska, Anchorage.
EdD, Seattle University
MS, Software Engineering, Seattle University.
MBA, California State University, Bakersfield
BS, Computer Science, California Polytechnic State University.

Adjunct, Management

Photo of Ben B. Kim, PhD

Ben B. Kim, PhD

PhD, Information and Decision Science, University of Minnesota
MBA, Management Information Systems and Finance, University of Washington
BA, Law, Seoul National University, Korea

Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-2806

Building/Room: Pigott 417

Photo of Tracy Ann Kosa, PhD

Tracy Ann Kosa, PhD

Post Doctoral Fellowship, Stanford University
PhD, Computer Science, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
MA, Political Science, York University
Post Graduate Diploma, Organizational Management, Humber College
MA, Political Science, University of Manitoba
Honours BA, Political Science, University of Windsor

Adjunct, Management

Photo of James Lee, PhD

James Lee, PhD

PhD, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
MS, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
BS, SungKyunKwan University

Associate Teaching Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-5736

Building/Room: Pigott 407

Photo of Misuk Lee, PhD

Misuk Lee, PhD

PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology
MS, Seoul National University
BS, Seoul National University

Associate Professor, Management

Phone: (206) 296-5702

Building/Room: Pigott 413

Photo of Eric Lloyd, MSCS

Eric Lloyd, MSCS

MS, Computer Science, Florida Atlantic University
BS, Computer Science, Florida Atlantic University

Assistant Clinical Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-5705

Building/Room: Pigott 523

Photo of Jessica Ludescher Imanaka, PhD

Jessica Ludescher Imanaka, PhD

PhD, Philosophy, University of California, Riverside
MA, Philosophy, University of California, Riverside
AB, Philosophy. Bryn Mawr College
Major completed at Haverford College

Associate Professor, Management
Associate Professor, Philosophy ( (shared appointment with College of Arts & Sciences))

Phone: 206-398-4311

Building/Room: Pigott 418

Photo of Rubiná Mahsud, PhD

Rubiná Mahsud, PhD

PhD, SUNY, Albany
MPh, SUNY, Albany
MS, Social Sciences, University of Birmingham
MD, Jinnah College, Pakistan

Program Director, Global Business
Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-2015

Building/Room: Pigott 429

Photo of Amelia Marckworth, MA

Amelia Marckworth, MA

MA, Nonprofit Leadership, Seattle University
BA, Law, Societies & Justice, University of Washington

Interim Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center
Adjunct, Management

Phone: 206-296-5715

Building/Room: PIGT 432A

Photo of Mark S. Markuly, PhD

Mark S. Markuly, PhD

PhD, Education, emphasis in learning theory, St. Louis University
MA, Systematic Theology, Aquinas Institute of Theology
BA, Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism
AA, Philosophy, Cardinal Glennon College

Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-5331

Building/Room: Pigott 431

Photo of Jennifer Marrone, PhD

Jennifer Marrone, PhD

PhD, Organizational Behavior, University of Maryland, College Park
BS, Accounting, Villanova University

Professor, Management
George Albers Professor, 2020-2023

Phone: 206-296-5726

Building/Room: Pigott 501

Photo of Madhu Rao, PhD

Madhu Rao, PhD

PhD, Information Systems and International Business, Indiana University
ME, Systems and Information, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India
Masters, Management Studies, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India
MSc, Chemistry with Honors, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, India

Associate Dean
Associate Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-6006

Building/Room: Pigott 314

Photo of Joseph Restivo, EMBA

Joseph Restivo, EMBA

Leadership EMBA, Seattle University
BA, Business Administration, Hofstra University

Adjunct, Management

Photo of Eunice Rhee, PhD

Eunice Rhee, PhD

PhD, Management and Organization, University of Southern California
MBA, Seoul National University
BBA, Yonsei University

Associate Professor, Management
Robert B. O'Brien Endowed Chair in Business, 2022-2025

Phone: 206-296-5791

Building/Room: Pigott 514

Photo of Teresa Rothausen, PhD

Teresa Rothausen, PhD

PhD, Human Resources and Industrial Relations, University of Minnesota
BA, Economics, St. Olaf College

Executive Director, Center for Leadership Formation
Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-5413

Building/Room: Pigott 326

Photo of Peter Rowan, MBA, MA

Peter Rowan, MBA, MA

MBA, Middlebury Institute of International Studies
MA, International Policy Studies, Middlebury Institute of International Studies
BA, History, Cornell University

Executive Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
Clinical Professor, Management
Lawrence K. Johnson Chair in Entrepreneurship

Phone: 206-296-2469

Building/Room: Pigott 432A

Photo of Jeffery Smith, PhD

Jeffery Smith, PhD

PhD, Moral and Political Philosophy, University of Minnesota
MA, University of Minnesota
BA, University of Minnesota

Chair, Department of Management
Professor, Management
Boeing Frank Shrontz Chair of Professional Ethics

Phone: 206-296-5714

Building/Room: Pigott 415B

Photo of Robert Spencer, MUS

Robert Spencer, MUS

MUS, Portland State University
BS, Portland State University

Adjunct, Management
Adjunct, Executive Education

Phone: 206-605-8294

Photo of William Weis, PhD

William Weis, PhD

PhD, Business Administration, University of Washington
MBA, Finance and International Business, Bowling Green State University
BS, Business Administration (Accounting), Bowling Green State University

Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-5691

Building/Room: Pigott 506

Photo of Ben Yeo, PhD

Ben Yeo, PhD

PhD, Information Science and Technology, Pennsylvania State University
Master, Communication Studies, Nanyang Technological University
Bachelor (Hons), Communication Studies, Nanyang Technological University

Assistant Professor, Management

Phone: 206-296-2805

Building/Room: Pigott 507