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Joe Schlegel, MA

Instructor, Department of Management


Teaching Areas

  • Principles of Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Leadership

Personal Bio

Joe is a former Sales professional with a 27-year career with Verizon, all within the Sales and Sales Leadership divisions. He has experienced the joys and challenges of corporate life and mergers in the Fortune 50 footprint. After working for a large corporation, he stepped back to help a small business expand its presence in the Construction Management field.  He has overseen the growth of this Woman-owned business from less than $1M in revenue to over $14M in less than 7 years, as well as seen CM Solutions go from 5 to 60 people. His perspective of working successfully in both a large corporation and a small business offers unique insight and relatable war stories to the lesson plans in his Management courses, both in the undergrad and graduate levels.  Building relationships and developing trust are the two key components of his entire career and he shares the importance of those throughout his coursework.  

Joe enjoys fly fishing, kayaking, golf and the Green Bay Packers, (much to the chagrin of his Seahawk-backer wife).