Erik Moore, Program Director, Online MS in Cybersecurity Leadership

Erik Moore

Program Director
Online MS in Cybersecurity Leadership

Operations savvy leader with international operations and research experience in Cybersecurity, Government, Education, and Philosophy


My career blends institutional leadership with cybersecurity/IT operations leadership in industry, government, and academia. I'm the Program Director of the Online MS in Cybersecurity Leadership at Seattle University, engaging with partners, mentors, and industry to provide students with the opportunity to accelerate and focus their careers.

Research interests include:

  • Any research leading to a resilient cyber-empowered global society
  • Defensive cyber architectures using graph theory that work to address the asymmetrical problem
  • Cyber psychology & sociology related to incident response, training, and other adversarial contexts
  • Immersive & Collaborative Cyber education experiences in 3D virtual spaces and other empowering environments of high validity in relation to career experiences


  • Chief Information Officer at DevilDog Cyber LLC, a full-service cybersecurity company.
  • Partner in MetaTink LLC, a start-up currently developing a patent portfolio in the areas of cybersecurity, digital education, and application development.

In cyber operations, I’ve provided executive director-level leadership in government, transforming cybersecurity, regional IT infrastructure, education technologies, and fleet services. I've trained National Guard cyber units in multiple states (including red-teaming and scenario design) and I design virtual world avatar-based scenarios. Also, I've provided incident response analysis to the National Guard Bureau in Washington DC.


  • Plymouth University, Ph.D. Plymouth, UK
  • University of Denver, MTEL, Denver, USA
  • University of Florida, M.F.A., Gainesville, FL


See publications at: Google Scholar.