Finance Faculty

Photo of Peter Brous, PhD

Peter Brous, PhD

PhD, Finance, University of Oregon
BS, Finance, University of Connecticut

Professor, Finance

Phone: 206-296-6495

Building/Room: Pigott 525

Photo of Cathy Xuying Cao, PhD, CFA

Cathy Xuying Cao, PhD, CFA

PhD, Finance, University of Texas at Dallas
MS, Finance, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MS, Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University
BA, Precision Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Associate Professor, Finance
Dr. Khalil Dibee Endowed Chair of Finance, 2019-2023

Phone: 206-296-5712

Building/Room: Pigott 519

Photo of Vinay Datar, PhD

Vinay Datar, PhD

PhD, Finance, University of Florida
BTech, Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India

Professor, Finance

Phone: 206-296-2801

Building/Room: Pigott 406

Photo of Dean Diavatopoulos, PhD

Dean Diavatopoulos, PhD

PhD, Finance, Florida State University
MS, Statistics, Florida State University

Associate Professor, Finance

Phone: 206-296-5692

Building/Room: Pigott 512

Photo of Jun Duanmu, PhD, CFA

Jun Duanmu, PhD, CFA

PhD, Finance, University of Arkansas
MS, Finance, University of Arizona
BS, Mathematics, Zhejiang University

Assistant Professor, Finance

Building/Room: PIGT 423

Photo of Ekaterina Emm, PhD

Ekaterina Emm, PhD

PhD, Finance, Georgia State University
MA, Finance, Georgia State University
BA, Boston University

Professor, Finance
Robert D. O'Brien Endowed Chair in Business, 2020-2022

Phone: 206-296-5785

Building/Room: Pigott 526

Photo of Brittany Epand, MBA

Brittany Epand, MBA

MBA, University of Minnesota
BS, Finance & Marketing, University of Minnesota

Adjunct, Finance

Photo of Bo Han, PhD

Bo Han, PhD

PhD, Finance, University of Washington
MS, Business Administration, University of Washington
BA, Finance, Nankai University

Assistant Professor, Finance

Phone: (206) 296-5725

Building/Room: Pigott 523

Photo of Jim Huie, MSF, MBA

Jim Huie, MSF, MBA

MS, Finance, Seattle University
Master of Finance, University of Hong Kong (HKU)
MBA, University of Washington
BA, University of Washington

Adjunct, Finance

Phone: 206-430-8385

Photo of Bochen Li, PhD

Bochen Li, PhD

PhD, Finance, University of Cincinnati
MS, Mathematical Finance, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
MS, Actuarial Science, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
BS, Applied Mathematics, Shantou University

Lecturer, Finance

Phone: 206-398-4605

Building/Room: Pigott 316C

Photo of Nathan Nguyen, EMBA

Nathan Nguyen, EMBA

Executive MBA, Seattle University
BA, Finance, Seattle University

Adjunct Professor, Finance

Photo of Sheila Samples, MBA

Sheila Samples, MBA

MBA, Finance, Golden Gate University
BA, Finance and Business Economics, University of Washington

Adjunct, Finance

Photo of Jon Snare, CFA, CFP

Jon Snare, CFA, CFP

MBA, Wayne State University
BS, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Adjunct, Finance

Phone: 206-276-1355

Photo of Vincent Walker, MBA

Vincent Walker, MBA

MBA, Finance, University of Washington
BA, American History, Yale University

Adjunct, Finance

Photo of Jot K. Yau, PhD, CFA

Jot K. Yau, PhD, CFA

PhD, Finance, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
MBA, Finance, University of Toledo
BSocSc, Management Studies with Honors, University of Hong Kong
CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst

Chair, Department of Finance
Professor, Finance
George Albers Professor, 2017-2020

Phone: 206-296-5639

Building/Room: Pigott 503