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The 2021 - 2022 academic year celebrates Seattle University's 24th class of the Executive Leadership Certificate program. Over the course of many years, a program that began as "Leading With Dignity" evolved into what it is today: a widely-recognized and respected training ground for rising leaders in many of the region's biggest employers.

The program challenged me in ways that really contributed to the growth of my confidence. As a younger professional, I was brought into leadership positions, sometimes because of my background and credentials. The Executive Leadership Certificate program helped me develop the level of confidence commensurate with the seniority of my position.

Anne Hirsch, ELP '17 Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, UW School of Nursing

The Executive Leadership Program helped me shape my orientation toward leadership, built my confidence and enabled me to transform my leadership and become a more impactful manager of others.

Kyle Quinn, ELP '01/LEMBA '08 SVP & Chief Technology Officer, PACCAR

The Executive Leadership Program raised my awareness and challenged me with questions about purpose and values and ultimately, about whether my actions and behavior aligned with my professed values and beliefs.

Jackson Chao, ELP '01 President and CEO, NxEdge Inc.

One of the most valuable aspects of the ELP was the requirement to dive into group work, find consensus and come together on major projects. My classmates were from a variety of different places and were there for many different reasons but we were all connected by a common interest in being a more effective leader and making an impact.

Brenda Weber, ELP ‘16 Assistant Vice President, Costco

EMPLOYER PERSPECTIVE: Humility in leadership is critical and is part of the professional development a lot of people need. We send people to Seattle University’s Executive Leadership Certificate program to learn humility and it is one change we consistently notice after our employees have gone through the program.

Jeff Musser CEO, Expeditors International

EMPLOYER PERSPECTIVE: Delta Dental of Washington has now put a dozen executives and managers through the Executive Leadership Certificate program. Interestingly, each graduate has independently described their participation using the words "life changing." Indeed, there are noticeable changes in each graduate. I find them to be more reflective, more participatory and more collaborative. These are healthy qualities for a corporate culture as well as personal well-being.

Jim Dwyer President & CEO (retired), Delta Dental of Wasington

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