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Educational Administration, MEd

Prepare to become an educational leader with a Masters in Educational Administration at Seattle University—gain the tools to lead equitable and just educational systems.

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About this Program

Advancing Leadership for Innovative and Equitable Education Systems

The educational administration program is designed to prepare working professionals aspiring toward roles as principals, executive directors, administrators and instructional leaders. Students also choose a Principal or Program Administrator’s specialization and complete the corresponding certificate coursework. 

Graduates develop a deep understanding of leadership practice and of the systemic inequity built into our educational settings. Then we empower graduates to become leaders who are the catalysts for transformative change.

  • We frontload context and scholarship with a focus on critical theory, educational justice, instructional leadership and community engagement.
  • We partner applied learning with reflective practice, self understanding and advanced leadership study.
  • We work to build an expanding management toolbox for each emerging leader.
  • We operate as a cohort, to establish a model network of professional learning and support.

Our Master's in Educational Administration at a Glance

Learn how a MEd in Educational Administration will contribute to your career goals. Then, explore course requirements and see how impactful a Seattle University degree can be.

Our Master's in Educational Administration and Leadership (MEd) offers three areas of emphasis:  

  • Public Schools & Systems (Includes a WA State Principal or Program Admin. Certification)
  • Mission Driven Schools & Systems (Can include a WA state certification)
  • People, Culture & Organizational Change

Choose the public schools and systems emphasis, and you can customize your program to include a certificate with a principal specialization or a certificate with a program administrator specialization.

Degree Requirements

The Educational Administration program learning outcomes are aligned with the National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NELP) Standards. The Standards are foundational to all levels of educational leadership and were redeveloped in 2015 with a stronger, clearer emphasis on students and student learning, outlining foundational principles of leadership to help ensure that each child is well-educated and prepared for the 21st century. The Standards reflect a positive approach to leadership that is optimistic, emphasizes development and strengths and focuses on human potential. 

In addition, the curriculum and portfolio design of the educational administration program is informed by the Association of Washington State Principal’s (AWSP’s) School Leader Paradigm that models the important interplay between theory and applied practice, and elevates problems of practice as critical tools for ongoing learning and leadership.

Students graduate from our educational administration programs with:

  • A broad understanding of leadership and a clear picture of themselves as leaders
  • A powerful background in critical theory, instructional leadership and community engagement
  • An expansive management toolbox
  • A career-long network of professional learning & support
  • An exemplary portfolio with which to pursue their professional goals

What You’ll Learn

See the core classes and other curriculum you’ll take as a student at this program.

Designed for Leaders and Change-Makers

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Pathways for Leadership Excellence

Designed for working professionals, our program attracts educators who are passionate about making a difference in the pursuit of excellence and equity for students, staff, and schools. Our academic pathways help you focus your leadership career on public schools, mission-driven schools or organizational change.

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Working for Social Justice, Inclusivity and Equity

“Seattle University is a great place for any student who wants to go into education and solve the issues head on.” - Baionne Coleman Principal, Rainier Valley Leadership Academy

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Accelerated Education Administration Certificates

Do you already have a master’s degree but want to gain in-demand education administration skills and credentials? Students who already hold a master's degree may also apply for an accelerated Principal or Program Administrator’s post-master's certification to take your career to the next level.

All Educational Administration students participate in an extensive yearlong leadership experience. The program works in partnership with the district, school or organization in which interns work to ensure high quality, rigorous field experiences. 

Further, we work closely with each candidate’s district, school or organization to facilitate the best possible intern placements and mentorships. 

In addition, over the course of their study, Educational Administration students are asked to explore settings beyond their workplace through alternate site visits and summer field work that explores the critical impact and importance of schools’ community engagement and partnership. 

Over 90-percent of our Educational Administration graduates are in a leadership position within a year of completing program studies. It’s because Education Administration is a leadership program, not just a certification program. You’ll graduate with a broad set of skills to manage and lead rather than just completing a checklist of principal skills.

As an Educational Administration student, you’ll take course work in community-based leadership, using data for organizational change, strategic communication and leading effective teams. We also connect you to a rich network of regional leaders across Western Washington districts, schools and organizations.

Our program also centers itself on the voices and scholarship of BIPOC leaders and scholars from across the field. Therefore, most of the classes you’ll take are taught by scholars who identify as BIPOC educational leaders. Faculty work to contextualize through the history of schooling in the United States, while leading the class to a deeper understanding of the social purposes and biases embedded in our systems of education.

Our Master’s in Educational Administration program is designed to serve emerging leaders in:

  • Public Schools and Systems.
  • Mission Driven Schools.
  • Educational Nonprofits and Public Agencies.

Program Structure and Duration

  • Designed as a part-time program specifically for working professionals.
  • Weekend and summer courses.
  • Program can be completed in just four or five quarters.
  • Built around inclusive and collaborative cohorts.

Program Design

  • A foundation of equity and social justice
  • Theories of action, leadership and change
  • Personalized internships and problems of practice
  • Community engagement and service
  • Instructional leadership and data fluency

Hear From Our Alumni

Baionne Coleman, ‘18

"SU is a great place for a student who wants to go solve issues head on. There is a respect for other ethnicities and cultures represented in our communities, so we understand what it looks like to be culturally responsive.  We understand what other cultures are experiencing in schools and dig deep into why that is happening. If you want to make a change and address social justice, inclusivity and equity, SU is the place for you—because you're being taught what it looks like in practice."

Principal, Rainier Valley Leadership Academy

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