Accounting Mentor Program

Seattle University's Accounting Mentor Program was launched to increase students’ interactions with professionals currently practicing in the accounting field and also serve as a networking tool for students and mentors alike.

For over 10 years, the Accounting Mentor Program has served the development needs of accounting undergraduate and graduate students whose vibrancy and diversity provide a rich and rewarding experience for our mentors. The program enhances the learning and development of our students.

The Accounting mentors, many of whom are SU alumni, work in a variety of environments from industry positions and The Big Four to local and regional powerhouse accounting firms. The mentors are paired with one to two students and encouraged to meet every four to six weeks.

The mentors offer invaluable career guidance, suggestions for the recruiting and interviewing process, professional insight to business issues, and professional development opportunities. Seattle University is fortunate to have alumni so willing to assist those currently pursuing their degree and without them this program would not be possible. We look forward to years of increased participation.

Upcoming Events


Mentor Program Kick-off

Friday October 1st, 2021

  • Student Orientation, Time and Location TBD
  • Mentor Orientation, Time and Location TBD
  • Mentor Fair, Time and Location TBD


Participating Mentors

The mentors that participate in our program have an accounting background but work in a wide variety of industries. To get to know this year's group of mentors, please visit the Mentor List.



Sandra Pereira

Senior Administrative Assistant