You want to be a leader

On campus. In business. In your community. In athletics.

The Albers Undergraduate Leadership Program is a unique opportunity for Albers first and second years to explore theory, analyze cases, and propose solutions.

The program consists of two courses:

BUAD 2820: Leadership Development I

Winter Quarter, 3 credits

Seven in-person meetings to explore leadership theories and cases and identify opportunities for personal leadership development


BUAD 2830: Leadership Development II

Spring Quarter, 2 credits

Four in-person meetings to craft a proposal for real change and a fifth in-person meeting to present that proposal to University stakeholders and decision-makers


Both courses must be taken for credit to be earned. Admission is competitive and enrollment is by invitation only.

After completing the series, you’ll enjoy further benefits:

  • Membership of a network of Albers students seeking and holding leadership positions on campus, in business, in their communities, and in athletics
  • Participation in the Albers Mentorship Program to connect you with an industry mentor in your junior year (rather than your senior year)
  • Special recognition at graduation for your leadership contributions to student life

Applications are due on Wednesday, November 1.