From Seattle University's 2023-2024 Graduate Catalog.
All graduate courses are 3 credits, unless otherwise noted.

OPER 5300 Operations Strategy

A comprehensive examination of the links between the operations function and marketing, finance, and engineering in both manufacturing and service industries. Domestic and international cases are used to illustrate the formulation and implementation of operations strategies and the role of operations in supporting business strategy. An emphasis is placed on the challenges faced by managers in finding a complementary match among strategic elements. Student teams apply a theoretical framework to analyze operations strategies in local organizations.

Prerequisite: MBA 5180, or MBA 5215 and 5230, or Instructor permission

OPER 5305 Supply Chain Management

The strategic importance of supply chain management to manufacturing and services. Activities will include case discussions, guest speakers, and simulated negotiations. An overview of the supply chain, supplier selection and development, supplier partnerships, ethics, negotiation, just-in-time methods, legal concerns, international issues, inventory management, new product development, hazardous material procurement and disposal, and transportation/logistics.

Prerequisite: MBA 5215

OPER 5310 Project Management and Control

is course extends beyond the planning phase to address topics related to the management and control of projects. Students gain hands-on experience in the entire spectrum of project management skills by planning and completing a complex community service project. Course topics will include project leadership, the role of information systems, project evaluation techniques, managing the customer interface, risk analysis, supplier relationships, cost-schedule control systems, management of project crises, project management software, contract administration, conducting review meetings and post-project evaluation.

Prerequisite: MBA 5215

OPER 5910 Special Topics Courses

See administrative office for prerequisites and course descriptions.

OPER 5940 International Study Tour: Operations

The study of international operations in the context of a foreign country. Course will include travel to the country to observe activities and conditions and to meet with representatives of businesses and other institutions. Location of tour can vary. Check with the department for details.

OPER 5950 Internships

For more about internships, visit the Placement Center

OPER 5960 Independent Study

Independent study. Individualized reading and reporting on a specific topic approved by an instructor. The program of study and conference times must total 30 hours of study and contact hours for every one-credit taken. Grading option negotiated with instructor for CR/F or letter grade (student option). (1 - 3 credits)

OPER 5990 Research Paper