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Participate in a leading part-time MBA program that is unique in the Northwest. Developed with input from business leaders and students, the Albers Professional MBA curriculum is streamlined, customized, integrated, connected, and flexible.

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Earn the skills and credentials to start your business career in just one year. As a recent graduate with a non-business undergraduate degree and limited work experience, join the Bridge MBA cohort, a full-time program that incorporates classroom and co-curricular learning activities.


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Meet the requirements for the CPA exam with an MPAC degree, which combines a thorough and rigorous academic program with a strong grounding in computer applications. Augment your skills development with volunteer opportunities outside the classroom.


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Prepare yourself for a career in the dynamic field of business analytics with a MSBA, which combines deep analytical content with an emphasis on the ability to communicate with business leaders and the understanding of business problems. Add to that the opportunity to take electives in data analytics, marketing, and financial economics, and you will have a strong foundation for success.


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Develop your knowledge of corporate finance, investments, and financial institutions and markets with the MSF program. Learn critical thinking, quantitative analysis, and communications skills as well as how to assess the social and ethical implications of your decisions.



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