Albers Graduate Programs

Expand your future with an Albers Graduate degree.

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Open More Doors for Your Career

Having a graduate business degree gives you that extra edge in an ever evolving landscape. Between our eight degrees, 10 certificate programs, and five dual degrees (two in conjunction with Seattle University’s School of Law), you’ll find a program tailor made for your interests, experience, and ambitions.

Secure your Future with an Albers Graduate Degree

No matter what state the economy is in, having a graduate business degree opens more doors for your career and ensures that you stay competitive in today's labor market. 

Advance Your Career with an MBA

Albers offers four MBA programs that build the skills and foundation to advance your career. If you're not sure which MBA is the best fit, check out this blog post.

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MBA for non-business undergrads

For recent graduates with a non-business undergraduate degree and limited work experience, the full-time Early Career MBA program incorporates classroom and co-curricular learning activities.

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Professional MBA

Developed with input from business leaders and students, the Albers Professional MBA is streamlined, customized, integrated, connected, and flexible.

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MBA in Sport and Entertainment Management

An MBA developed for the sport and entertainment industries with a unique fellowship program.

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Leadership Executive MBA

Our unique Leadership EMBA program for senior-level professionals combines a challenging experiential leadership program with a rigorous EMBA curriculum focused on strategic decision-making that promotes a more just and humane world.

Specialized Programs for In-Demand Skills

Beyond the MBA, Albers provides a variety of highly ranked, STEM-designated business programs that teach in-demand skills and prepare you for a position of leadership.

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Master of Science in Business Analytics

Top ranked MSBA in the Northwest. Combines deep analytical content with an emphasis on the ability to communicate with business leaders.

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Master of Science in Accounting & Analytics

Designed for those with an accounting undergrad degree, the MSAA program has an emphasis on analytics.

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Master of Professional Accounting

Our Professional Accounting master's degree has been ranked among the top 30 in the US for the past decade.

Online Programs for Maximum Flexibility

Our online PMBA, MSBA, and MBA SEM offer the same quality education as our in-person classes using an intuitive learning platform.

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Online Master of Science in Business Analytics

The rigorous curriculum and tech-connected alumni network of Albers help you embark on a path to analytics leadership.

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Online MBA in Sport and Entertainment Management

Designed with you in mind, this online program provides unique networking opportunities, extensive professional development curriculum, and access to industry leaders.

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Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity Leadership

This Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity Leadership focuses on the cybersecurity leadership skills needed for future cybersecurity leaders, managers and analysts. The program is designed around NSA (NICE) certification for cybersecurity.


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