awarded as scholarships

Albers Graduate Students were awarded $320,000 in New Student Scholarships for the 2019-20 Academic year!

Albers is pleased to offer scholarships to students taking 6 credits or more per quarter. Part-time students taking less than 6 credits will be considered on a case by case basis. Scholarship amounts cannot exceed tuition and do not cover university fees. Scholarships are distributed in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters only and contained to the academic year awarded.

Incoming Student Scholarship

Who is Eligible:

This scholarship is only available for incoming (new) students. Current students should apply for the Albers Graduate Scholarship.

To Apply:

  • Start your Seattle University Graduate Application for Admission
  • Complete this Albers Graduate Scholarship Form
  • You will not be able to access this form until you've started an application.
  • To be considered for a scholarship, complete and submit the scholarship form and your program application by the deadline for the quarter in which you intend to apply.
  • Scholarship forms submitted after the priority deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

*Please note the following important instructions: The form does not save in-progress work. Once the form is submitted, you will not be able to make changes or edits. If necessary, draft your responses in a Word document and then copy-and-paste them in the appropriate text box. Responses should be no more than 200 words per text box. The prompts are as follows:

  • Do you plan to take 6 or more credits (usually 2 or more courses) per quarter while attending Seattle University?
  • Why are you a good candidate to receive a scholarship?
  • State any special personal or family circumstances affecting your need for financial assistance.
  • What amount of financial assistance would impact your ability to attend Seattle University?

2019-2020 Scholarships Awarded

Albers Graduate Scholarships

(Currently Enrolled Students Only)

Scholarship Information:

  • Total Amount Awarded: $94,105.00
  • Award Amounts: $2,500 to $5,233
  • Total Number of Eligible Applicants: 650
  • Total Awards: 20
  • Demographics: 50% domestic, 50% international
  • Average GMAT: 622
  • Average Albers Graduate GPA: 3.73

Scholarship Application Deadlines:

We have one award deadline: May 1.

Who is Eligible:

Albers offers various scholarships to CURRENT graduate students in the PMBA, MSF, MPAC, and MSBA programs. Scholarships are based on financial need and academic achievement. Students need to complete and submit only ONE application form to be eligible for any of the scholarships noted below.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for these scholarships, domestic students should fill out a FAFSA via our Financial Aid Office. This FAFSA is necessary to help determine need for several of our available scholarships. International students are also encouraged to apply for the Albers Grad Scholarships. International students are not required to fill out a FAFSA.

Selection Process:

Scholarship recipients are selected based on GMAT/GRE score, a short essay, and undergraduate performance (GPA). Recipients will be notified by the end of May.

To Apply:

Fill out the scholarship application by May 1.

Please Note: Your essay is limited to a maximum of 1 page single spaced, 2 pages double spaced.

Albers Graduate Scholarships Available

  • Albers Alumni Scholarship
  • Albers Graduate Students Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Albert & Claire Wiegenstein Scholarship
  • Anne and Stephen Norman Scholarship
  • Boeing Scholarship
  • Brotherton Scholarship
  • Dorothy Dupar Lynch Scholarship
  • Ferry Family Scholarship
  • Geisen Family Scholarships
  • Harry L. Wilson Scholarship
  • Jean Marie/Mary Lahiff Wiegenstein Scholarship
  • Joan and Josie Razore Scholarship
  • Microsoft Scholarship
  • Norman Schreck Scholarship
  • Physio-Control Scholarship
  • Ronald Wilby Scholarship
  • Woodrow R. Clevinger Scholarship

Other scholarship opportunities are posted on the Financing Your Education page.