Graduate Student Clubs

Albers Student Clubs

Graduate Students are welcome to join the other student clubs at Albers and on campus. For more information, visit our Student Clubs page.

Albers Graduate Student Association

Albers Graduate Student Association (AGSA) is a student-run organization committed to enriching the education experience of graduate business students in the Albers School of Business.  The goal of AGSA is to foster a strong sense of community among graduate students by encouraging networking between students, faculty, alumni, and members of the business community.  We plan to achieve this through hosting community building events that also add value to each student’s program.  For more information, please visit the AGSA webpage.

Women in Business

Women in Business is a brave space for students to help each other advance in and navigate the world of business. We aim to expand career, leadership, and networking opportunities for women by bringing together the sharpest female business leaders to host events, discuss relevant topics, and create a unique networking space for student, alumni, and professionals. For more information, email

Graduate Student Council

The mission of the Graduate Student Council is to improve the graduate student experience at Seattle University by communicating the needs and ideas of the graduate student body to the University. Additionally, the Council supports the development of a diverse graduate body and supports the mission of Seattle University. The GSC advocates for services that better meet the needs of graduate students. This council funds student-organized graduate events and is comprised of graduate students, representing all 31 graduate programs of the University.  For more information, visit the GSC web site.