From Seattle University's 2022-2023 Graduate Catalog.
All graduate courses are 3 credits, unless otherwise noted.

Syllabi information is for reference only; information may not be current.

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MBA 5000 Professional Quantitative Analysis Development

This course introduces the quantitative tools required for success in the Professional MBA program. These tools include: accounting, algebra, and statistics. Students will learn the basics of each of these tools and how to apply principles from these tools in real world business situations.

MBA 5205 Teams, Leadership and Decision Making


Focus on tools for effective decision making, and concepts of, and practice in, group dynamics. A retreat component, individual growth, team building and group decision making. Draws on research from economics to inform decision making skill development. Lays a foundation for ethical decision making throughout the MBA program. PMBA students only.

MBA 5210 Building Internal and Community Stakeholder Relationships

Focus on tools for developing effective relationships with a wide range of stakeholders including employees, customers, regulatory entities, etc. Covers organizational behavior topics (motivation, organizational justice, feedback, goal setting). PMBA students only.

Prerequisite: MBA 5205

MBA 5215 Creating Value through Marketing and Innovation

This course focuses on how firms create value by paying attention to the critical interaction between marketing and operations decisions. Emphasis on business strategy, targeting, position, value proposition, and strategic operations decisions (cost, quality, sustainability, etc.). PMBA students only.

Prerequisite: MBA 5210

MBA 5220 Enterprise Financial Performance Analysis

Concepts and principles underlying financial accounting, with emphasis on interpreting the content of published financial reports. Introduction and examination of the balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, ratio analysis, and constructing financial statement. PMBA students only.

Prerequisite: Financial Accounting, Statistics

MBA 5225 Analytical Tools for Managerial Decision Making

Emphasis on applying core economic and financial principles and models in various decision environments. Principles of scarcity, flexibility and commitment, and uncertainty will find life in models of supply, demand, and markets. The objective is to provide the first elements of the information and decision-making tools used in rigorous analysis of business opportunities. PMBA students only.

Prerequisite: MBA 5220

MBA 5230 Managing Risk

The focus of this course is on managing known and unknown risks to a firm’s value creation. The course examines intellectual property, litigation, IT investments, contracts (and risk sharing), information architecture as a risk management strategy, privacy risks, etc. PMBA students only.

Prerequisite: MBA 5225

MBA 5235 Professional and Interpersonal Communications


Focus on developing outstanding writing and speaking skills through consultations and real world practice. Emphasis on assessment and feedback on interaction and influence skills in group contexts.

MBA 5240 Business Career Planning and Development


Focus on providing assessments and experiences that allow for reflection on career choices. Provides tools to enable more effective job search or self-leadership in crafting current job to reflect values, skills and interests.

MBA 5400 Introduction to Business Analytics

New as of 2021-22 catalog

This course provides a general overview of how to turn data into useful information, insight and intelligence in order to support decision-making using analytics by exposing students to a foundational understanding of the relevance of data-analytics within the business enterprise continuum.

MBA 5500 Competitive Strategy

This course addresses general management and the tasks of strategy formulation and implementation. It builds on and integrates material from all functional areas. Course to be taken during last two quarters of enrollment. Must be completed within last 9 credits of program. (MBA students may not receive credit for both MBA 5500 and INBU 5315)

Prerequisite: (MBA 5215 & MBA 5230) or (FINC 5050, ECON 5110 & MBA 5180).

MBA 5910 Special Topics Courses

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MBA 5950 Internships

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MBA 5960 Independent Study

MBA 5990 Research Paper