Albers Graduate Student Association

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Albers Graduate Student Association (AGSA) is a student-run organization committed to enriching the educational experience of graduate business students in the Albers School of Business. The goal of AGSA is to foster a strong sense of community among graduate students by encouraging networking between students, faculty, alumni, and members of the business community. We plan to achieve this through hosting community building events that add value to each student’s program.

We are seeking 2022 board members! If you are interested email us.

Your 2022 Board:

  • Co-President: Brandon Connor
  • Co-President: Joseph Rouse
  • VP of Finance: Le (Linda) Van Phu Lo

Why I Joined AGSA

Co-President: Brandon Connor

Having served on student councils in the past, I knew the great sense of community which they are capable of building within the student body. I again wanted to be a part of the creation of that fellowship and be a part of the community. AGSA not only gave me the opportunity to build relationships among students, but to begin developing relationships with and give back to the surrounding Seattle community. >

Co-President: Joseph Rouse

Having worked across multiple industries for many different companies as an analyst, I was interested in developing a formal business education, maximizing my experience, and enabling other students here at Seattle U. By joining AGSA, I get the opportunity to cultivate relationships on behalf of Albers and serve the student body.