Winter 2020

Greeting from the Chair


This holiday season thanks are in order. After an especially tumultuous year we, the department of accounting, are more grateful than ever for the strong network of alumni, mentors, and advisory board members that support our students and programs.  

The many classes and programs that make up the Accounting Department have gone through a very challenging time, as many of our students have in their personal lives as well. I am thankful to my faculty and staff colleagues for going the extra mile to make the last 8 months possible. I am also thankful to our students for the resiliency they have shown. 

The common theme among the articles in this newsletter is excellence in the face of adversity. This has demonstrated in many ways, from our student clubs to the tutoring lab. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our world during the pandemic. 

Happy holidays, may you and yours stay safe and healthy.

Signature of the chair.

Niranjan “Chips” Chipalkatti 

Chair, Albers Department of Accounting 



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These funds support programs across the department including scholarships, the tutoring lab, and student organizations.