Everything You Need to Lead

The Executive Leadership Certificate program is designed to prepare you for leadership responsibilities in business and the community. In small classes guided by exceptional faculty, you’ll reflect on your assumptions, beliefs and values. Using that insight, you’ll evolve as an authentic leader and come away with a strong appreciation of how you can effect positive change and as a leader, inspire others to follow.

Over the course of the 7-month program, you will work one-on-one with one of our seasoned executive coaches. All of our coaches are in private practice and most have been part of our coaching team for more than a decade. These highly skilled practitioners have a deep understanding of our program and are able to weave topics from the curriculum into the coaching experience, providing you with a rich, impactful learning experience.

Course Details

Learning Outcomes

Graduates consistently report that the Executive Leadership Certificate program was not only formative, but transformative for them, both personally and as leaders of others. Years later, alumni still regard the program as one of the most--if not the most--rewarding experience of their careers.

Upon successful completion of this program, you will possess:

  • A deepened sense of who you are as a leader.
  • Superior leadership acumen with the ability to influence individuals and orchestrate organizational change.
  • An internalized practice of leading with conscience and competence in a way that allows you to affect positive change in your environments and deliver a greater impact.

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I chose Seattle University because of the leadership curriculum. This program really hones an individual’s qualities and ability to motivate others within an organization. One of the most critical concepts I took away from the program is that of adaptive change, tailoring our leadership skills and structures to the type of problem we’re facing in a particular environment.

John Milne, MD, ELP '08, LEMBA '09 Senior Vice President, Real Estate and Construction, Providence St. Joseph Health

For me, most of the learning was experiential rather than academic. However, I did learn academic concepts that I have employed like processes and systems that taught me how to listen to and integrate others’ thoughts and suggestions in forming team goals and desired outcomes.

Mike Porter, ELP ‘16 Vice President Facility Services, McKinstry