The doors of FX McRory may have shut after 40 years but co-founder Mick McHugh, Economics '66, says he's bringing that same sport bar flavor to the 32 Bar and Grill

What problem/market need were you addressing when the business started?

Bringing a big scale (400-seat) restaurant and whiskey bar to a historic neighborhood that was birthing a renewal.

What has been the biggest challenge and the biggest reward?

We were across the street from the newly finished 67,000-seat Kingdome. We had to learn the market differences from the various tenants made up of the Seahawks, the Mariners, the Sounders, Boat Show, Home Show, NCAA Final Four, and even the Tractor Pull!

[What’s rewarding]: Thriving on packed houses of happy guests. Appreciating the varied talents a diverse employee group can bring to a vibrant workplace like a seven-day-a-week event restaurant.

FX McRory in Pioneer SquareWhat’s next for you?

I’m now consulting for our new NHL Seattle Kraken hockey team [restaurant] the 32 Bar & Grill based at their Iceplex in Northgate. I’m happy to be there every weekday lunch. It’s a terrific atmosphere overlooking two very active rinks.

As a thank you to Seattle U, I’ve joined four classmates in a project to restore the 1905 street clock that
stood out in front of McRory’s. It will be donated to SU to be placed on a yet-to- be-determined spot on campus.

I met Dorene Centioli-McTigue and her husband Terry McTigue along with Marnie Krielkamp Schreck and her husband Mick Schreck when we were all first year students in 1961. Happy to say we all graduated in 1965 and continued our friendship for 62 years!

If you were to recommend one thing newcomers should taste, what would it be?

A pint or half of draught Guinness Stout, so refreshingly different. Brewed the same since 1759! And it’s good for you!

Two-sentence advice for anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Work hard at what you love. And be sure you have FUN, too.