Albers Staff

Photo of Andrew Asplund, JD

Andrew Asplund, JD

JD, University of Washington
MPA, Seattle University
BS, Mathematics and Statistics, California Polytechnic State University

Budget Manager

Phone: 206-296-5638

Building/Room: Pigott 319

Photo of Carolyn Auvil

Carolyn Auvil

BS, Cultural Anthropology, University of Oregon

Graduate Programs Coordinator

Phone: 206-398-4312

Building/Room: Pigott 323

Photo of Maggie Ball, MEd

Maggie Ball, MEd

MEd, International Higher Education, Loyola University Chicago
BS, Sociology and Communication, Santa Clara University

Graduate Programs Advisor

Phone: 206-296-5794

Building/Room: Pigott 316B

Photo of Rebecca Carlson, MSEd

Rebecca Carlson, MSEd

MSed, Higher Education, University of Pennsylvania
BA, Business Administration, University of Washington
BA, Psychology, University of Washington

Manager, Experiential Programs, Albers Career Center

Phone: 206-296-2547

Building/Room: Pigott 332

Photo of David Carter, MEd

David Carter, MEd

MEd, TESOL, Seattle University
BA, English, Western Washington University

Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs

Phone: 206-296-5720

Building/Room: Pigott 310

Photo of Anne Colpitts, MA

Anne Colpitts, MA

MA, Spanish Literature, University of California, Berkeley
BA, Spanish, University of Puget Sound

Senior Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs

Building/Room: Pigott 311

Photo of Gerald Corporal, ME

Gerald Corporal, ME

ME, University of Southern California
BA, University of Washington

Director of Undergraduate Programs

Phone: 206-296-5704

Building/Room: Pigott 313

Photo of Molly Countryman, MEd

Molly Countryman, MEd

MEd, Adult Education and Training, Seattle University
BA, Communication, University of Puget Sound

Senior Academic Advisor

Phone: 206-296-2470

Building/Room: PIGT 322

Photo of Justin Dolce

Justin Dolce

BA, Political Science, Washington State University

Associate Director, Albers Career Center

Phone: 206-296-2184

Building/Room: Pigott 334

Photo of Josefine Greenhouse, MFA

Josefine Greenhouse, MFA

MFA, Creative Writing, Oklahoma City University
BA, English, Texas A&M - Corpus Christi

Graduate Programs Advisor

Phone: 206-398-4628

Building/Room: Pigott 316D

Photo of Dominick Grimm, MA

Dominick Grimm, MA

MA, Learning Design and Technology, San Diego State University
BA, Communication, emphasis in Journalism, California Lutheran University

Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs

Phone: 206-296-6284

Building/Room: Pigott 312

Photo of Fr. Robert Grimm, SJ

Fr. Robert Grimm, SJ

Jesuit Counselor, Albers School of Business and Economics

Phone: 206-296-5580

Building/Room: AARP 303

Photo of Rose Kaser, MFA

Rose Kaser, MFA

MFA, Arts Leadership, Seattle University
BS (LCC) Communication & Mass Media, Universidad Iberoamericana

Associate Director of Operations
Adjunct, MBA in Sport and Entertainment Management

Phone: 206-398-4610

Building/Room: Pigott 407

Photo of Wendy Kelley

Wendy Kelley

BS, Communications and Marketing, University of Oregon

Assistant Director of Development

Phone: 206-296-2277

Building/Room: Pigott 432C

Photo of Amelia Marckworth, MA

Amelia Marckworth, MA

MA, Nonprofit Leadership, Seattle University
BA, Law, Societies & Justice, University of Washington

Director of Community, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center
Adjunct, Department of Management

Phone: 206-296-5715

Building/Room: PIGT 432A

Photo of Jani M. Medeiros

Jani M. Medeiros

BA, English, Magna cum Laude, Holy Names University

Senior Administrative Assistant, Management and Marketing Departments

Phone: 206-296-5302

Building/Room: Pigott 415A

Photo of Jeffrey P. Millard, MA

Jeffrey P. Millard, MA

MA, East Asian Studies, University of Arizona
BA, Chinese Language, University of Minnesota

Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs

Phone: 206-296-5708

Building/Room: Pigott 324

Photo of Laurie Nilo

Laurie Nilo

BBA, Marketing, Gonzaga University

Employer Relations Manager, Albers Career Center

Phone: 206-296-2029

Building/Room: Pigott 335

Photo of Armen Papyan

Armen Papyan

BA, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, University of Washington - Tacoma

Senior Administrative Assistant, Economics and Finance Departments

Phone: 206-296-2540

Building/Room: Pigott 531A

Photo of Joseph M. Phillips, PhD

Joseph M. Phillips, PhD

PhD, Economics, University of Notre Dame
MA, Economics, University of Notre Dame
BA, Economics, Magna Cum Laude, LaSalle University

Professor, Department of Economics

Phone: 206-296-5699

Building/Room: Pigott 317

Photo of Ariel A. Rosemond, MBA

Ariel A. Rosemond, MBA

Leadership Executive MBA, Seattle University
Executive Leadership Certificate, Seattle University
BS, Excelsior College.

Director of Executive Leadership Programs, Center for Leadership Formation

Phone: 206-296-5374

Building/Room: PIGT 327

Photo of Teresa Rothausen, PhD

Teresa Rothausen, PhD

PhD, Human Resources and Industrial Relations, University of Minnesota
BA, Economics, St. Olaf College

Executive Director, Center for Leadership Formation
Professor, Department of Management

Phone: 206-296-5413

Building/Room: Pigott 326

Photo of Peter Rowan, MBA, MA

Peter Rowan, MBA, MA

MBA, Middlebury Institute of International Studies
MA, International Policy Studies, Middlebury Institute of International Studies
BA, History, Cornell University

Executive Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
Clinical Professor, Department of Management
Lawrence K. Johnson Chair in Entrepreneurship

Phone: 206-296-2469

Building/Room: Pigott 432A

Photo of Megan Spaulding

Megan Spaulding

MA, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis , University of Missouri-Columbia
BA, Communications, Pepperdine University

Director, Albers Career Center

Phone: 206-296-2472

Building/Room: Pigott 333

Photo of Ching Tsao

Ching Tsao

PhD, Institution of Polymer Science and Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
BS, Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Senior Administrative Assistant, Accounting Department

Phone: 206-296-5723

Building/Room: Pigott 515A

Photo of Michele Weingeist

Michele Weingeist

BA, San Jose State University

Executive Coordinator, Dean's Office

Phone: 206-296-5699

Building/Room: Pigott 317