Finance is the managing of large amounts of money, particularly for large corporations and governments. The field of finance changes rapidly as the relevant megatrends, like technological advancement, evolve. The aim of the finance major is to develop the basic tools, to be able to learn and adapt these skills as needs of the specific job change. At the Albers School of Business and Economics, you are encouraged to develop your skills widely, not to focus all your courses in a narrow area, however appealing this may be for the time being. The Finance Department offers a wide array of courses in the finance specialty, providing you a broad-based knowledge and developing a set of professional tools and skills for real-world applications and a discernible mind for ethical decisions.

Why Seattle University?

  • A major in Finance from Albers equips you with analytical skills and professional knowledge that are necessary for a successful career in corporate financial management, investment and private wealth management, risk management, and commercial and investment banking.  
  • Several tracks or types of specialized programs can be devised, if desired, but it is recommended that you seek the suggestion of the academic and career advisors before doing so. 
  • While you study at Albers, you can intern in the nearby downtown Seattle, and join a wide array of extracurricular activities to acquire different real world experiences that set you apart from others, enabling you to compete well in the future job markets, both locally and globally.
  • Our students have been five-time champions of the CFA Global investment Research Challenge in the Seattle area since the inception of the competition in 2010. You have the opportunity to be part of the winning team. 
  • You also have the opportunity to be selected to manage a portion of the University’s endowment fund, the Redhawk Fund, (, which is a 100% student-managed endowment fund that has earned an average yearly return of 12% since 2009. If that is not enough money management, you can join the Albers Investment Club to manage a real portfolio sponsored by D.A. Davidson. 
  • Last but not least, as part of your finance career preparation, you can take advantage of the many lectures and career talks by leading business executives arranged by student clubs and the Dean’s Office. At these events, you can interact with Seattle’s business executives from leading corporations, consulting firms, non-profit organizations, and other enterprises.

Our Faculty

The Finance Department stresses excellence in both teaching and research. Small class sizes provide students with personal interaction with the faculty. Most classes are taught by full-time faculty, who are exceptionally knowledgeable in current developments in their specialty. Most professors of the department hold the PhD degree and are active in research and publishing. Several members are CFA charterholders and holders of other professional credentials, indicating that they have gained relevant professional experience in the field. In fact, some of them previously worked as hedge fund and asset managers, here and abroad. They are professors with diverse professional and cultural background. Their effective teaching and research have parlayed into success in the CFA Global Investment Research Challenge. 

What Career Choices Will I Have as a Finance Major?

Students graduating with a major in Finance may pursue a career in the following industries: 

  • Investment and private wealth management & advisory: Mutual Funds, Close-end funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Unit trusts, Pension Plans, Endowment Funds, Foundations, Family Offices, Brokerage firms
  • Corporations: Private and public, For-profit or not-for-profit
  • Banking: Investment banks, Commercial banks, Mortgage banks,
  • Alternative Investments: Hedge Funds, Real estate, Private equity, Venture capital, Managed futures, Commodities, Infrastructure funds
  • Government & regulatory agencies: SEC, CFTC, FINRA, Exchanges
  • Insurance

Sample Job Titles For Finance Majors

  • Investment Management & Advisory: Investment/securities/quantitative analyst, Portfolio manager, Investment banker, Financial advisor/Investment consultant,  Private wealth manager, Financial planner, Investment strategist/officer/manager, Securities/currency trader, Securities broker, Compliance analyst/officer/manager,  Risk analyst/manager, Relationship manager (investor/client relations)
  • Banking: Investment banker, Commercial loan officer/manager, Mortgage banker
  • Corporate: Financial analyst, Treasurer, Credit analyst/manager, Compliance analyst/manager, Risk analyst/manager, Investor relations officer/manager
  • Consultants: Management, Valuation
  • Real estate: Commercial real estate agent/broker, Investment analyst/manager
  • Insurance: Agent/broker, Analyst