From Seattle University's 2023-2024 Graduate Catalog.
All graduate courses are 3 credits, unless otherwise noted.

SUST 5300 Sustainability and Business

Students will be exposed to the collective social, environmental, and financial issues present in sustainability challenges and opportunities. The stakeholders of an organization, regulatory effects, and the role of other interested sectors (e.g., not-for-profits) will be included in a variety of frameworks used to evaluate scenarios and solutions.

SUST 5305 Sustainable Value Creation

Through the lens of value, the course utilizes a systems perspective to address responses to local and global sustainability challenges. Students will identify the trends and forces in play, apply frameworks and models to create and evaluate available alternatives, and consider appropriate governance mechanisms to execute and implement the desired options. Systems models and sustainability mapping tools highlight opportunities and threats. Given the complexity and broad set of stakeholders involved, creativity, cross-sector partnerships and leadership are included to support the objective of sustainable value creation.

SUST 5310 Sustainability Consulting

This course applies the principles, concepts, and skills learned in this and prior classes to actual organizational situations. Students will be involved in analyzing sustainability elements of all relevant aspects of a specific organization; these may include sustainability as strategy, leading sustainability efforts, sustainability considerations of specific industry sectors, and sustainability considerations related to organizational functions such as purchasing, facilities, human resources, manufacturing, service provision, information technology, and marketing. Students will conduct the necessary interviews and research, use knowledge and judgment to make decisions, and communicate recommendations to the client organizations. Considerable interaction between student teams and participating client organizations is required. Prerequisite: SUST 5300 or instructor approval.

SUST 5950 Internship

For more about internships, visit the Albers Career Center

SUST 5960 Independent Study

Independent study. Individualized reading and reporting on a specific topic approved by an instructor. The program of study and conference times must total 30 hours of study and contact hours for every one-credit taken. Grading option negotiated with instructor for CR/F or letter grade (student option). (1 - 3 credits)