The Seattle Accountant

We are pleased to present our electronic Seattle Accountant archives.We changed from a print to an electronic format in order to continue our University and Albers School initiatives for reducing our carbon footprint, as well as to save funds to make available more scholarships for our Accounting students.

We invite you to click through to see what exciting things our students and faculty are achieving. We plan to keep each edition “short and sweet” – three or so articles – and to send each quarter, so that our readers will always have the latest Albers Accounting information without having to wade through dozens of articles.

We would also like to hear from you – our alumni and donors. Please feel free to send any comments, ideas for articles, alumni news, et cetera, to

Should you wish to help us continue the valuable programs and activities conducted by our Accounting Department at the Albers School of Business & Economics, please click on the "Give to Accounting" link at the top of our web-page and choose "Accounting Associates Scholarship Fund" from the drop-down menu entitled "Designation" under "Donation Information."

We hope you enjoy reading our electronic Seattle Accountant


Niranjan “Chips” Chipalkatti, PhD, A.C.A.

Chair and Professor