We are no longer accepting new applications for Summer 2021 Pre-College Programs.

Applications and information on Summer 2022 programs will be available beginning December 2021.

A Summer Business Camp Committed to Diversity in Entrepreneurship 

The Albers Summer Business Institute (SBI) at Seattle University is a credit-bearing, project-based summer business camp for high school students focused on social entrepreneurship.

The program provides youth from African-American, Latino/Hispanic, Native American Indigenous, and Pacific Islander heritages the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship, data visualization, economics, and more. The week-long program costs $50 for qualified students, thanks to the support of our gracious sponsors. 

Do you have a high school student (currently in grade 9, 10, or 11) interested in entrepreneurship? Are they interested in experiencing college-level business, marketing, and economics classes? SBI is a great way for them to sample the instruction, interactions, and opportunities that business school offers. 

UPDATE: In an effort to maintain a safe and socially responsible program due to novel coronavirus for the Summer of 2021, Albers Summer Business Institute will be offered in a virtual setting.

Summer Business Institute Highlights  

For 17 years, the Summer Business Institute has given rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors a rare sneak peek of life at business school. For one week, they get to experience:

  • Participating in undergraduate courses 
  • Attending classes with University professors
  • Developing a business with a team to present in front of corporate leaders
  • Working with mentors who are undergraduates at Seattle U 
  • Attending exclusive visits with our corporate partners 
  • Participating in social activities 
  • And much more! 

Upon completion of the program, participants receive three college credits.

One of the Best Summer Camps for High School Students in the Seattle Area

Past participants of SBI have been overwhelmingly positive about their experience. Out of students surveyed about the 2020 program:

  • 85% stated that the program met or exceeded their expectations
  • 85% said they would recommend the program to their peers
  • 95% said that based on this experience, they will apply to some form of post-secondary education their senior year

A number of SBI alumni have not only gone on to college, but were also inspired to start their own business ventures. The program opened their eyes to the possibilities offered by business school and gave them the confidence to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Why SBI?


$50 program fee for qualified students

Focus on the Future

3 college credits upon completion

Fun Filled Week

Lectures, team projects, networking

'A glimpse of business school at a relaxed level'

Viola Sloniker-Tabares was a participant in the 2017 Summer Business Institute. She is now attending the University of Washington and recently opened her own jewelry and accessories shop on Depop

Viola TabaresHow she learned about SBI: 'My mom told me about SBI and said it would be a great idea to attend.'

Why it intrigued her: 'I had no idea what major I wanted going into senior year.'

What she felt when she started the program: 'I was a bit nervous because I didn't know anybody and didn't know anything about business.'

What she enjoyed the most: 'The group work where we had to come up with a business idea and present it to everyone. My group came up with the idea of a mobile van that did hair. We all dressed up for the presentation. I was super proud.'

What she got out of SBI: 'I got a glimpse of business school at a relaxed level. And I wouldn't have been as confident about college if I hadn't gone.' 

Now Accepting Applications

Program Costs:

For Summer 2021, the Albers Summer Business Institute plans to return to its residential format. However, we will conduct a virtual format of the program depending on the status of COVID-19. Students who are accepted into the program are automatically provided a scholarship to attend and will only need to make a payment on their deposit. 

UPDATE: In an effort to maintain a safe and socially responsible program due to novel coronavirus for the Summer of 2021, Albers Summer Business Institute will be offered in a virtual setting.

Partnering for the Greater Good:

The Albers School of Business & Economics at Seattle University is proud to build strong relationships with our partners that strengthen our shared vision to serve underrepresented, first-generation, and low-income youth.

Alumni Benefits:

Your experience with Seattle University is about more than your time with us during the summer. It is about creating opportunities for success towards your post-secondary goals. We will provide you with digital resources and support in college planning, career development, and financial literacy after you successfully complete your time with the Albers Summer Business Institute. Watch the below video to hear from a member of our alumni community.

Need more information?

Duron Jones

Director of the Albers Summer Business Institute

(253) 234-9437

Joseph M. Phillips, PhD

Dean of the Albers School of Business & Economics