Exam Verification Code

As of Fall 2019, Excel 2016 or 365/2019 certification is required for new exam candidates. 

Seattle University is a Certiport Authorized Testing Center and if you pass the Excel exam here we will automatically report your exam status to the Registrar's office on your behalf. You can also take the Excel Exam at other Certiport Testing Centers; however if you pass the exam elsewhere we will not have access to your exam results and you need to provide a verification code to prove that you have passed the exam.

If you pass the exam at a testing center outside SU, you will need to report your verification code to Stephen Johnson (sjohnson@seattleu.edu) in order to graduate.

Certiport Testing Center Locator

If you are currently taking IS-3150 and it has been more than a year since you passed the exam or you take the exam off-campus, you will need to provide your verification code to receive full credit for the Excel exam class requirement. To report your Excel certification for IS-3150 credit send the verification code to ExcelTest@seattleu.edu. For off-campus exam results you also need to send this verification code to Stephen Johnson for the graduation requirement.

Locating your verification code

After passing the exam Microsoft sends you a cardstock certificate in the mail. In the lower left corner of the certificate it lists the date you passed the exam and an 8- or 9-character verification code, which looks like this:

Excel Verification

The verification code is usually two sets of 4 or 5 characters separated by a dash, and it is case-sensitive. On older paper certificates the verification code may be listed by itself in the lower right corner with no label.

If you do not have the paper certificate available you can retrieve your code from the digital copy on the Certiport website. Logon to www.certiport.com, and at the top of the page make sure it says "Test Candidate" on the dropdown list of roles. Place the mouse cursor over the MYCERTIPORT link at the upper left and a dropdown menu should appear; click "My Transcript" on the dropdown menu (on touchscreens tapping MYCERTIPORT will expand the dropdown menu).

On the transcript page it should list your Excel certification, with orange links to PDF and XPS copies of your certificate. (If you don't see the orange PDF link, check that the View mode is set to "Personal View").

Open the PDF and it will display the verification code in the lower left corner, similar to the image above. (You may have to zoom out to be able to see the entire certificate).