Program Objectives


Management is a critical function for every organization, and people trained in management play this important role in organizations of every size and type. The skills, techniques, and theories acquired by the management major leads to jobs in business, government, and the non-profit sector. People who plan to establish their own firms or to become part of a family owned firm also pursue a management major. Course work in this major helps individuals learn to:

  • motivate, lead, and develop others
  • structure organizations capable of meeting both profit and social responsibility goals
  • work well in accomplishing work individually and through others
  • communicate accurately
  • develop a strategic perspective on the organization and its parts

Skills that Management majors develop

Interpersonal communication, negotiation, listening, managing, positive attitude, motivation, organization, leadership, ambition, team leadership, and critical thinking. 

International Business

Undergraduate Objectives

The International Business major helps students understand the growing impact of international competition and how to operate in the global marketplace. Virtually every major business faces the challenges of the international market. Even small businesses, who in the past only focused on the domestic market, now are looking to international opportunities.

International Business majors need to:

  • have a willingness to learn from other cultures
  • have an openness to expanding traditional business ideas
  • have a desire to develop international working relationships

Knowledge developed by the International Business major:

  • analytical tools to evaluate a constantly changing business environment
  • leadership qualities to make decisions when faced with international competition
  • creativity to solve problems within foreign cultures, markets and business environments