Albers Emeriti

Pigott Building west entrance 

2019-2020 Professors Emeriti 

Every year, Seattle University honors retiring faculty members as emeritus faculty. Emeriti have 20 or more years of college teaching experience, of which 15 years of full-time teaching have been at SU.

The following Albers faculty retiring at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year have been granted emeritus status. 'Between them, they have 145 years of full-time teaching in higher education, and 75 years of full-time teaching at SU,' said Albers Dean Joe Phillips. 

We pay tribute to them in this section for their noteworthy and distinguished contributions to Albers and Seattle University.



Image for Gareth Green, PhD

Gareth Green, PhD

'You have to sit in his classroom or office, better, watch him "draw" on any nearby wall in order to explain where and why students are having difficulty. In these settings you see a rare passion and an ability to create genuine mastery.'

Image for Bruce Koch, PhD

Bruce Koch, PhD

'I know a large part of why I am at Seattle University is the way Bruce recruited me in 2013 when he was Chair of the Accounting Department. I knew that if someone could lead a group of my peers with such vigor and compassion, that is where I'd want to be.' 

Image that complements John McLean, JD/MBA

John McLean, JD/MBA

'John was always willing to teach a class whenever it was offered. His willingness and flexibility are traits I so appreciated during his tenure here. In fact, I've already asked him to teach a class for us next year!' 

Image for David Reid, PhD

David Reid, PhD

'Perhaps his greatest contribution to Albers has been the wealth of contacts and connections he has around the globe, particularly in China. He has been instrumental in allowing us to deliver a truly global education to our students.' 

Image for Galen Trail, PhD

Galen Trail, PhD

'Galen has been a tireless worker and prolific researcher. He has also shown a strong dedication to his students and been fully committed to the success of our Master of Sport Business Leadership program.'