John McLean

John McLean

John McLean, JD/MBA

John McLean has taught at Seattle University since 1971, when he was a part-time instructor in history pursuing a master’s degree in history (following the completion of his undergraduate degree in history from SU).

From 1975 to 1978, he was a full-time instructor in the Mateo Ricci program and one of its original faculty members. Then, in 2000, he started teaching part-time in Albers, and beginning in 2010-11 started teaching full-time for Albers. Since 2016 he has held the rank of Senior Instructor.

Years of teaching in higher education
Years as a legal professional
Years as a commercial litigator

Courses John McLean has Taught

Courses John McLean has taught

McLean has served on the search committee for Albers' last search to fill the Frank Shrontz Endowed Chair in Professional Ethics, chaired the college's Undergraduate Assurance of Learning Committee, served as faculty advisor for the Albers Graduate Student Association and on the strategic plan Staff Satisfaction Taskforce.

McLean is a valued colleague for his peers, who find him flexible, supportive, and collegial. He has proven to be a “good citizen” in the Albers School by always being willing to pitch in as asked and to volunteer when not asked. For example, he was more than willing to teach in the core curriculum of the Professional MBA when it was first revised several years ago.


John was always willing to teach a class whenever it was offered. His willingness and flexibility are traits I so appreciated during his tenure here. In fact, I’ve already asked him to teach a class for us next year!

Greg Prussia Chair, Management Department, 2010 - 2022

Our students have always considered John to be a phenomenal teacher -- they find him to be knowledgeable, passionate about the subject matter, and humorous. He's also highly respected by our faculty and staff, who have always known him to be a supportive colleague.

Joe Phillips Dean, Albers