Genevieve Albers Graduate Fellowship

Genevieve Albers Graduate Fellowship

Last Year's Fellowship Information:

  • Award Amounts: $15,000.00 in scholarships with an additional $7,000.00 for research assistant work.
  • Total Fellowship Applications: 40
  • Total Fellowship Award: 1
  • Applicant Demographics: 60% domestic, 40% international
  • Average Applicant GMAT: 624 (not required)
  • Average Applicant GRE: 309 (not required)
  • Average Applicant Undergraduate GPA: 3.22
  • Average Applicant Albers Graduate GPA: 3.78

The Genevieve Albers Graduate Fellowship provides financial assistance to graduate business students in exchange for assisting Albers faculty with their academic research. The fellow will receive a $15,000 tuition scholarship and $7,000 stipend in exchange for working 12.5 hrs/week for the three academic quarters (a total of 375 hours for the academic year).

The purpose of the fellowship is to provide financial assistance to our graduate students while at the same time enhancing faculty scholarship. The fellowship also honors the memory of Genevieve Albers, a long time and generous supporter of the Albers School.

The Fellowship will be competitive based on the qualifications of the applicant. Information to be considered will be the applicant’s undergraduate academic record, GMAT/GRE scores (optional, not required), professional experience, technology skills, quantitative skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and ability to work independently and take the initiative.

Fellowship Application Deadline

Applications will be due to Jeff Millard, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs, by 11:59 p.m. on July 15, 2024 for the fellowship to be awarded for the 2024-25 academic year. 

Who is Eligible

This Fellowship is open to applicants who are incoming students and to applicants who are already current students in a graduate program at Albers.

Selection Process

Fellowship recipients are selected based on a short essay and undergraduate performance (GPA). This Fellowship is offered to students taking 6 credits or more per quarter. Both incoming and continuing domestic or international students are eligible. Recipients will be notified in early September. The recipient will be selected by the Albers School Executive Committee (consisting of deans and department chairs).

Contact Jeff Millard at (206) 296-5708 or for more information.

To Apply

Essay Question

Describe your professional experience [100 words]

Discuss an example of a situation when you took initiative and/or demonstrated leadership [100 words] 

Explain why you would be an effective research assistant. For example, discuss your quantitative, coding, communication, and/or critical thinking skills as well as any experience serving as a research assistant or conducting independent research. [250 words]

Please Note: If necessary, draft your responses in a Word document and then copy-and-paste them into the text box. No more than 500 words essay.