Healthcare Management

From Seattle University's 2023-2024 Graduate Catalog.
All graduate courses are 3 credits, unless otherwise noted.

HMGT 5310 Global Health: Everyone's Business

This course includes the concepts of global health and focuses on the interacting domains of health and business in a global context. In this course, faculty and students will explore the relationship between political, social, economic and environmental factors and health concerns. Given the interdisciplinary nature of global health as a discipline, the role of business principles and the areas of expertise (e.g., economics, finance, etc.) will be a focus.

Prerequisite: MBA 5215, 5230

HMGT 5320 Health Sector Economics and Policy

This course introduces students to the institutional and regulatory issues that affect the health industry, including not-for-profits. Tools to analyze policies and other drivers and their effects on demand, costs, and performance in delivering health care are introduced and applied in various settings. The course will also address the health policy process and how policy can be influenced.

Prerequisite: MBA 5215, 5230

HMGT 5330 Health Program Planning and Development

In this course we will critically examine and discuss models and processes to systematically plan and evaluate health interventions. Students will develop skills in needs assessment for a specific population, program planning and design, while laying the foundation for effective evaluation. Emphasis on the formulation of health services and programs while considering stakeholders and other partners as well as current policy issues that may shape the design will be integrated throughout the course. The course will also explore concepts of empowerment, collaboration and partnership building as strategies to facilitate program and organizational goals. Students will gain experience in program proposal writing.

Prerequisite: HMGT 5320

HMGT 5950 Internships

For more about internships, visit the Albers Career Center

HMGT 5960 Independent Study

Independent study. Individualized reading and reporting on a specific topic approved by an instructor. The program of study and conference times must total 30 hours of study and contact hours for every one-credit taken. Grading option negotiated with instructor for CR/F or letter grade (student option). (1 - 3 credits)

HMGT 5990 Research Paper