Faculty Fellows

The Center for Business Ethics Faculty Fellows Program provides financial and administrative support to Seattle University faculty members engaged in original projects, including research, course development and other co-curricular initiatives, which address themes related to the study of business ethics, corporate responsibility and the role of business in society, broadly construed. The Faculty Fellows Program is designed to support faculty projects across academic units, disciplines and methodologies.

The Center is currently seeking applications for up to two Faculty Fellows for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Further inquiries can be directed to Jeffery Smith, Director of the Center for Business Ethics, at smitjeff@seattleu.edu or (206) 296-5714.



Photo of Marc A. Cohen, PhD

Marc A. Cohen, PhD

Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of Philosophy

Phone: 206-296-2399

Photo of Geneva Sedgwick, JD, LLM

Geneva Sedgwick, JD, LLM

Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of Business Law

Phone: 206-296-6368

Photo of Valentina L. Zamora, PhD

Valentina L. Zamora, PhD

Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of Accounting

Phone: 206-296-5703