Geneva Sedgwick, JD, LLM

Geneva Sedgwick black and white profile

Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of Business Law

Phone: 206-296-6368

During her fellowship, Professor Sedgwick will evolve her scholarship concerning the intersection of human rights and technology, specifically current surveillance technologies such as facial recognition. She is interested in comparing the regulation of surveillance technologies in different jurisdictions and devising new ways to protect the human rights of privacy and autonomy.  She is also curious to explore the application of these technologies in the workplace, both in the U.S. and the European Union, and to consider how to best protect employee rights in this context.  

Professor Sedgwick has been published in such scholarly journals as the Stanford Technology Law Review and the American Business Law Journal. 

Recent Research:

Lasprogata, G. (2014). Values change for survival. Journal of Law, Business and Ethics. Volume 20: 135-139.

Cotten M. & Lasprogata, G. (2012). Corporate citizenship and creative collaboration: best practices for cross-sector partnership. Journal of Law, Business and Ethics. 18.

King, N., Pillay, S., Lasprogata, G. (2006). Workplace privacy and discrimination issues related to genetic data: a comparative law study of the European Union and the United States. American Business Law Journal. Volume 43: 79-171

Lasprogata, G., King, N., Pillay, S. (2004). Regulation of electronic employee monitoring: identifying fundamental principles of employee privacy through a comparative study of data privacy legislation in the European Union, United States and Canada. Stanford Technology Law Review 4: 1-76.

Lasprogata, G. & Cotten, M. (2003). Contemplating ‘enterprise’: the business and legal challenges of social entrepreneurship. American Business Law Journal. Volume 41(1): 67-114.