Fortune 500 Network. Seattle Tech Connections. 81K Global Alumni.
Fortune 500 Network. Seattle Tech Connections. 81K Global Alumni.

Capitalize on your leadership potential at Seattle University

Become the innovative and principled leader you want to be with help from the Albers School of Business. Our flexible online curricula and prestigious, tech-forward alumni network can help you create better business outcomes and sustainable career success.

Make an inspired career choice.

Invest in your growth, speak the language of leadership, and future-proof your skills for senior management and business analytics careers. Our AACSB-accredited business school broadens your network through inside connections at leading global companies and a robust suite of career research and management tools. Read more about career paths with our Online MBA and MS in Business Analytics degrees below.

MBA Careers

Rise to leadership in your chosen industry with in-demand skills and cross-functional knowledge of global business operations. Shape business outcomes through highly developed interpersonal, collaboration, and management skills.

MS in Business Analytics Careers

Create the evidence-based clarity that drives business success in one of the fastest-growing career fields. Leverage your curiosity, business acumen, and communication skills to craft effective strategy through data analysis and visualization.

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Program highlights for quick reference and sharing. Select the MBA or MSBA program and download a brochure to keep on hand and share with your employer. It includes:

  • Career Opportunities
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Get a higher return on your educational investment.

Costing less than half of other programs, the innovative, values-centered programs at Albers School of Business and Economics can significantly increase your earning potential. Combined with lower cost, that adds up to a bold investment in your success.1

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Best Value Master’s Degree2
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Best Value Schools4

Broaden your network with standout companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, and Zillow.

Your Albers degree comes with the advantages of holistic education, an elevated perspective on business, and a global network.

Located in the epicenter of Seattle’s high-powered and progressive business community, the Albers School of Business and Economics resonates with the same energy. We offer you opportunities to meet and learn from Albers alumni and Seattle-area business leaders during classes and networking events.

As an Albers graduate, you become part of our thriving global alumni group that offers lifelong fellowship, networking, and opportunities to give back and pay it forward.

At Albers, we’re committed to balancing ethical and business considerations within each area of study. We challenge you to boldly embrace ethical principles while crafting your approach to sustainable career success.

We elevate business practices and profitability.

Values-centered business practices improve profits by increasing customer loyalty and preventing costly mistakes caused by over-indexing on financials.

By contextualizing business in the larger concerns of social justice, environmental sustainability, and public service, we help our students lead for the greater good and a stronger balance sheet.

81,000 members and 88 countries world wide


Get a world-class education in our AACSB-accredited business school.

The Albers School of Business and Economics is one of the elite AACSB-accredited business schools. Fewer than 5% of business schools worldwide are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

AACSB accreditation is based on several criteria for curriculum, faculty qualifications, mission, and more. Learn more about AACSB accreditation.

Benefit from curricula built to this high standard, with forward-thinking coursework in decision-making, international management, operations and logistics, marketing, and more.

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Choose Albers School of Business for a powerful education and professional network.

Our diversely talented business faculty, a unique and powerful blend of successful professionals and accomplished academics, will guide and mentor you as you develop your leadership skills.
Our graduates have found career success at powerful companies across a wide range of sectors, from technology and aerospace to healthcare and civic government.
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Challenge-based curricula help build your leadership skills.

MBA Curriculum

Our Online MBA program offers hands-on learning experiences and leadership challenges to help you develop cross-functional business mastery and the problem-solving mindset critical for effective leadership.

MSBA Curriculum

Each course's data translation challenges prepare you for strategic leadership by developing communication skills, an ethical framework, and essential quantitative skills in solving real-world business problems.

Raise your salary. Increase your security.

Build long-term career success and financial security with an advanced degree from Albers and our enlightened approach to business.

Workers with a master’s degree can generally command a 20% salary premium over those with bachelor’s degrees. MBAs and MSBAs offer some of the highest returns on investment for graduate education.5

MBA Career Outlook

Stand above the competition with the ethics-infused strategic and management skills you will gain at Albers School of Business. Demand for MBA skills is spiking in response to business disruptions caused by global events and uncertainty.

MBA Salary Potential
  • Management Consultant: $165,0796
  • Non-Profit Executive Director $96,7867

MSBA Career Outlook

The Albers MSBA positions you for a career at the intersection of management analysis and data science, both high-paying, high-growth fields. Stand out from the competition with our global network and reality-based, ethics-infused education.

MSBA Salary Potential
  • Strategy Manager: $140,0008
  • Data Scientist: $120,0009

Learn more about typical entry-level roles and salaries with these degrees.

Unlock insights and opportunities as you learn with industry insiders.

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Collaborative coursework, a welcoming mentorship program, and virtual and in-person events help you build pivotal connections to Albers’ graduates at top employers, Seattle Fortune 500 companies, startups, and nonprofits.

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Thrive with the personalized faculty attention made possible by our low student-to-teacher ratio. Our faculty have been published in prestigious journals and have experience in diverse organizations, including Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and the World Bank.

Meet the Faculty
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Student Experience

We’re here for you, no matter where you’re located. Our comprehensive support begins with Admissions Advisors to help with your application. It continues with Student Success Coordinators, 24/7 tech support, an intuitive learning management system, optional telehealth services, and robust career services.

Reach a higher level of success.

Elevate your skills and your professional network with one of our online programs.

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