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With our Online MBA and Online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) programs, Seattle University is helping today’s business professionals transform their respective industries through innovative practices, ethical leadership, and sustainable operations. Think our hands-on graduate business programs are right for you? Connect with an admissions outreach advisor today at +1-855-500-3845, or schedule a call at a time that works for you.

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For prospective students navigating their graduate application during the COVID-19 pandemic, Seattle University has modified several admissions requirements:

  • The GMAT or GRE testing requirement is now considered optional for anyone applying to a non-law graduate program that begins in the 2023-24 academic year (summer of 2023 through spring of 2024)
  • Unofficial transcripts will be accepted for those through the fall 2024 term (Official transcripts are required before 2nd quarter registration)
  • The application fee has been waived through the fall 2024 term

Admissions requirements vary slightly for the Online MBA and Online MSBA. Before starting your application, review the requirements for your preferred program and confirm that you have collected all of the required materials. In order to have your application sent for review, you must speak to an admissions outreach advisor to ensure you meet the admission requirements.

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2023-2024 GMAT Requirements

For prospective students navigating their graduate application during the COVID-19 pandemic, the GMAT or GRE testing requirement is now considered optional for anyone applying to a non-law graduate program that begins in the 2023-24 academic year (summer of 2023 through fall 2024).

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You Have Questions. Krysten Has Answers.

Admissions Outreach Advisor Krysten Griggs helps people just like you every day with questions about the Albers Online MBA and MSBA programs. She understands your concerns and has recorded a short video with answers to all of your most important questions. Watch it for the information you need about graduate school and your career goals.

Video Transcript

Krysten Griggs:
Hi, my name is Krysten Griggs and I am an online admissions advisor on behalf of Seattle University's fully online MBA and MSBA programs.

First, I'd like to take some time to congratulate you on embarking on this amazing journey, but I'm also here to put to rest some common concerns candidates have before starting the admissions process.

We're going to talk a little bit about funding-generally about funding. Talk a little bit about what are the admissions eligibility criteria; where does Seattle stand with regard to competition; and what are some anticipated outcomes that you can look forward to just by starting this master's program?

So I'm going to address a lot of those things today and hopefully put to rest some questions that you have. But to start, let's talk a little bit about Seattle. Seattle's been around since the eighteen hundreds. Currently, there are over 80,000 alumni in over 40 different nations. Impressive.

In addition to that, currently, there are only 5% of schools in the U.S. that carry the AACSB accreditation, and Seattle University happens to be one of them. So, again an incredible reputation with regards to the gold standard of accrediting agencies, the Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, the AACSB. In addition to that, Seattle University has maintained this gold standard of accreditation since the 1960s.

Now to kind of add to some common concerns that students have when starting the admissions process, let's kind of address some specifics. So, for instance, just addressing and starting the conversation about what your interests entail. So my role as an advisor is to literally get to know more about you; talk about what the goals are that you have. Help you determine if the online MBA or online MSBA is a better fit for you.

In addition to that, learn more about your academic journey thus far, your professional background and tailor all of the information that Seattle U has on their websites specifically to your interest. So meeting and speaking with an online advisor or myself is such an invaluable tool, and I am here as a resource.

In addition to that, a lot of candidates usually have questions about the admissions requirements. So what are the admissions requirements for this program? So in order to gain entry or to be considered for admission, it does require the completion of a bachelor's degree, a four-year bachelor's degree. In addition to that, the admissions committee does look for students who have at least a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

For the online MSBA program, it does not require any professional experience per se. However, having some level of exposure to quantitative competencies, and possibly some programming, can help the admissions committee make a favorable decision during the admissions process.

For the online MBA program, the admissions committee does require two years of professional work experience. Now, if you have questions about work experience eligibility–what constitutes as two years of professional experience–again, that's where your admissions advisor, myself, comes in. Working and serving as an invaluable resource to help you kind of navigate a lot of these nuances.

Now, in addition to that, Seattle University's program is fully online. Okay? So just to kind of give you an understanding of what that means, being fully online also means that you are still a part of the Seattle University campus and community.

When you graduate from Seattle University's fully online MBA or online MSBA programs, you will receive a standard degree just as you would if you were attending a campus program. Exciting, right? You also get to attend and participate in the ceremony, graduation ceremony that takes place in Seattle's camp–on Seattle's campus. In addition to inviting your friends and family, to join in the celebratory occasion with you.

So if you did have questions as to being an online student: “Will I get something that says online degree?” No, you will not. It will be a standard online degree just as if you were attending an in-person program.

Now, in addition to the program being fully online and virtual, it's also asynchronous. I know what you're thinking, “What does asynchronous mean?” Asynchronous essentially means that there is no set time that you have to physically be in front of your computer. As long as your assignments are submitted and completed by or before the due dates that are set and scheduled for each class, You are free to manage your time the way that you like.

So if you have to get the kids to soccer practice, or if you have a busy schedule at work, the flexibility of Seattle University's fully online program provides you with the added support of being able to manage your schedule on your own time.

Not only that, if you are a candidate or an advocate of support while you're in a collegiate experience, Seattle also offers student success coordinators. Now, student success coordinators are integral to your entire academic journey. Not only do they start this journey with you, but they help you see it through all the way to graduation.

Now, in regards to being connected to campus, your student success coordinators can also help ensure that you have connectivity to professors, and are aware of networking events. [They] can connect you with Seattle University's mentorship program, in addition to connecting you to the Redhawk Service Center, where you can get a list of all the other events, faculty profiles, and other additional information, that Seattle University offers.

Now, that is something that's very rare for a master's program to have that added support. So in addition to myself functioning as a resource, you will also be assigned a success coordinator who will be along this journey with you to ensure that you have everything that you need.

Now, in addition to your student success coordinators, Seattle University also offers small class sizes. Now, in most cases, the majority of your classes will have no more than about 15 students to every one professor. In addition to that, Seattle University's fully online program also offers tailored professor office hours. So if you have questions about content, if you have questions about subject areas that you may not fully understand, feel free to take full advantage of connecting directly with the professors.

Now, that is something that is very rare, especially within a virtual experience, especially within a master’s program. Not only that, if you are in the Seattle area, feel free to also stop by the campus and say hello to your professors if you can. Now, while that is not mandatory or mandated, it is an option that's available to you, even as a fully online student.

In addition to the support measures that we spoke of, or that I spoke of so far today, you also will have the opportunity to visit campus for any campus events, campus events that are both in person; that are virtual. You'll have the opportunity to take part and participate in those if you're interested.

Now, Seattle University, if you're interested in utilizing these degrees to advance your career–maybe some job opportunities–Seattle University also offers, access to their Handshake job board. Now on Handshake, you can utilize it to, connect with internships, connect with hiring managers, connect with different industries if you're looking to maybe change industries. So a lot of opportunities, again, that exist with regards to job prospects and possibly helping with your career outcomes once you graduate.

Not only is Handshake a valuable resource for students, but Seattle University offers their graduate business students the chance to connect with senior-level executives who function in Puget Sound industries. In addition to that, Seattle University online virtual students also have access to connecting with industry partners through the online MSBA program. As a part of your capstone, you'll have the opportunity to source, connect, and solve a real-world problem for a real enterprise. So you get hands-on before you even graduate. There are also plenty of opportunities to advance, and to build your career portfolio before graduation. In the past, students have spoken of the transformational experiences that they've had on account of taking advantage of this program.

In addition to the transformational experiences that you have with the job boards, with the mentors, Seattle University also offers a very unique opportunity of allowing students to participate in a virtual retreat. Now, it usually takes place on a weekend day. In most cases, it's virtual. But, within the virtual retreat, you have the opportunity to get your first experience functioning as a graduate business student and functioning as a business leader. You get to learn the value of teaming, you get to learn the value of business, navigating challenging relationships within business, building stakeholder relationships, and also learning how to communicate complex ideas and topics to a diverse audience. So again, just the tip of the iceberg with resources, support, and the opportunities that this program offers.

So one of the biggest common concerns that I get from students–or candidates, I'm sorry–who are looking to start this journey is cost, right? “What does this program cost? It sounds amazing. You all have distinguished faculty mentorships, support system resources, small class sizes, networking fairs, career resources, interviewing tips, financial portfolio opportunities for those who are looking to advance their career in financial portfolios or investments. What does this program cost?”

Now, Seattle University’s fully online MBA program and MSBA programs both cost $947 per credit hour. The fully online MBA program is about $51,138 For the fully online degree. Tuition is subject to change. However, right now the total cost of the program is roughly about $51,138, not including books and fees, but with the online MSBA program, it's $45,456 for the full degree. Now, Seattle University does allow students to apply for and potentially qualify for federal financial aid. If you are eligible. It is a free application that you can complete to determine if you are eligible to receive funding to cover this investment that you're making in yourself.

Now, if you think in terms of an investment versus, you know, a debt. I do often get a lot of candidates who say, “Well, I don't want to go into debt. I don't want to take out student loans and go into debt,” right? So if we think in terms of a debt versus an investment, an investment has a return, right? Whereas, a debt, in most cases, may not always have the return that you're looking for.

The lifetime value of a master's degree from Seattle University, in my opinion, is unmatched.You are able to maintain communications, maintain relationships with the university, utilize all the career resources, still attend networking events well into your career once you have graduated. I've had countless students reach back out to me and share how they've been able to transition into different industries; how they've been able to receive career advancement opportunities and promotions into leadership roles after never having worked in leadership. So it is possible.

But if you have more questions and you have other concerns that you'd like to address, feel free to utilize me as a resource. Reach out. I'm excited to work with you. Excited to support you in this amazing journey that you've decided to embark on.

Again, keep in mind, Seattle University's online MBA and online MSBA programs are both accredited by the AACSB, which is a gold-standard accreditation that only 5% of schools in the US carry. In addition to that has small class sizes, distinguished faculty, and even offers study abroad opportunities to those who are eligible and interested. So again, my name is Krysten, your friendly, trusted online admissions advisor on behalf of Seattle University's fully online programs. Please feel free to reach out to me in the event that you have more questions. I'm excited to work with you. Take care.

Exclusive Alumni Admissions Pathway

The Albers School of Business and Economics proudly offers an accelerated pathway to admission for Seattle University alumni whose record of academic achievement indicates a strong potential for success in either the Online MBA or MSBA program.

The following applicants are eligible for the alumni admissions pathway:

  • Alumni who graduated from the Albers School of Business and Economics with a 3.25 cumulative GPA or higher
  • Alumni who graduated from Seattle University with an undergraduate or graduate degree with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher in one of the following STEM fields: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering Physics, Environmental Science/Studies, Mathematics, Military Science, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychology, Public Health Science, Bioengineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, General Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Web Design and Engineering
  • Alumni who received any undergraduate degree from Seattle University with a cumulative GPA or 3.5 or higher

If you meet one of the above criteria, you will be eligible to apply to the Online MBA or MSBA with only the following materials:

  • Online application
  • Resume/CV (demonstrating at least two years of professional work experience for MBA applicants; no work experience required for MSBA applicants)
  • English-language proficiency scores may be requested for international applicants on a case-by-case basis

GMAT/GRE scores, official transcripts, letters of recommendations, the optional statement of purpose, and the $55 application fee are not required for alumni admissions pathway applicants!

Probational MSBA and MBA Admission to Seattle U

Seattle U and the Albers School of Business and Economics are committed to serving a diverse body of students. Have concerns about our current admissions requirements? Know that applicants who do not meet our minimum threshold for regular admissions can still be admitted on a probational basis; in the event of probational admittance, you will need to pass the first 12 credits of your selected program with a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher (on a 4.0 scale), at which point you will be fully admitted as a regular student.

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Priority Application Deadline
November 10, 2023
Winter 2024 Term
Final Application Deadline
December 15, 2023
Winter 2024 Term
Start Date
January 3, 2024
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