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A career in production management or operations management can be a highly rewarding life choice. It offers tremendous opportunities to combine a wealth of personal strengths with the leadership skill and business expertise taught in the best MBA programs—all with the goal of optimizing business output.
Read more about different types of educational assistance companies offer and the frequently attached conditions. We’ll also explore why employers provide educational assistance and share tips on finding companies that pay for MBAs and fit your career goals.
Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that unemployment for those with a master’s degree is 2%, among the lowest.1 The outlook for post-graduation employment is even better for those considering an MBA or a Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA).
Leaving the military and entering the civilian business world is a significant milestone. Aside from the obvious differences (a business “uniform” is less of a uniform and more a turn of phrase), you’ll find yourself having to adjust to new organizational structures, methods of communication, work hours, and more.
A common concern that many people have when looking to earn their MBA is how they’ll be able to balance their current job along with their coursework. But for 2021 Seattle University Online MBA graduate Emily Panyard, she didn’t just continue working while earning her master’s degree—she got promoted because of it.
Looking to land a top job in fashion management, planning, production, or manufacturing? An MBA in Operations might be the perfect fit. This degree will fully prepare you for management and consulting jobs in the fast-paced, constantly-evolving fashion industry.
You’ve likely heard some of the benefits of getting an MBA before: C-suite connections, professional prestige, and other unexpected but equally important perks that last long after graduation. But with the time and money that you have to commit to the program, it’s normal to want to know exactly what you’ll get in return from this popular business degree.
Many universities offer an MSBA degree, but not all programs are the same. Below, we’ll outline the differences between MSBAs and help you determine which type of program fits your wants and needs. Then, you’ll be ready to start your application and begin your graduate school journey.
If it feels like you’re hearing about business analytics pretty frequently, then you’re tuned in to the right sources. Business analytics is a diverse, booming field that’s attracting companies in tech, healthcare, and beyond—and now is the perfect time to join its ranks.