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Where Do MBA Graduates Work in Technology?

August 15, 2022
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Maybe a better question is, where don’t MBA graduates work in information technology? in response to the COVID-pandemic, the global and U.S. economies pivoted toward greater tech-enablement in every arena.

Now, leading companies typically thought of as being in information technology are joined by organizations across the business spectrum in needing the services of MBAs in information technology.

Grocery stores, car companies, coffee shops, healthcare providers and banks are just some of the businesses that are now serving their customers online, which means they all need IT departments. And they need trained leadership staff to manage the people in those departments.

This pivot has helped return overall demand for MBAs to pre-pandemic levels and fueled growth in the technology sector, which in turn drove more demand for MBAs in information technology than ever before. In 2021, 96% of recruiters in the tech sector reported plans to hire MBAs, compared to just 80% in 2019.1

Throughout the economic shift caused by the pandemic, compensation premiums for MBA graduates have remained high, with a median salary up to 75 percent higher than that of bachelor's degree job candidates.1

Companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Meta are top of mind when people think of companies that hire MBAs in information technology, so we’ll give you an idea of what to expect from them. Keep in mind that information technology leadership is not limited to the IT sector, and you can leverage your MBA skills and technological savvy in any arena.

Five Leading Companies that Employ MBAs in Information Technology


Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the oldest company on our list and one of the most well-known software companies in the world. Its Windows operating system is ubiquitous throughout homes and businesses worldwide, making it one of the most desired tech companies to work for. Through its Aspire MBA program, Microsoft aims to maximize the potential of the 200 or so business school graduates that it hires every year.

Reports indicate that the average starting salary for an MBA graduate at Microsoft is is $117,130, with a total compensation package of $254,848. This makes it one of the most lucrative tech companies for MBA graduates to work for.2 Additionally, Microsoft MBAs typically average only 44 hours of work a week, which is notably lower than the average at other leading tech giants. While the amount of travel expected for an MBA graduate at Microsoft differs depending on position, it's likely to be high in most cases, considering the global reach of the company.3


Apple has long been a leading software competitor to its main rival mentioned above: Microsoft. The two suffered a bitter fallout in 1988 when Apple failed to sue Microsoft for allegedly stealing elements from its Macintosh operating system. However, since the company is now worth considerably more than Microsoft, it seems Apple came out on top in the end.4

MBA graduates who want to work at one of the most famous tech companies in the world can look forward to average starting salaries of about $130,000, with additional compensation up to $192,271. However, they better be prepared to put in the hours - Apple employees report working up to 52 hours on average per week, far higher than the standard work-week hours.2 Apple MBAs typically get involved in all sectors of the company, from real estate and finance to strategy and software, so successful candidates will need decent technology skills and a broad range of experience.


Via its parent company, Alphabet, Google is currently the second largest internet company in the world, accruing the vast majority of its revenue through advertising. Starting life as a simple search engine, Google quickly became a competitor to Apple after acquiring the mobile operating system Android in 2005.5 Google is now synonymous with the internet, providing a wide range of free-to-use mobile and internet-based software tools and applications.

An MBA graduate joining Google can expect an average of $156,827, with some top roles attracting significantly more.6 Google's MBA employees report a typical average workweek of around 46 hours, considerably less than some of the more high-pressured tech companies. The culture of work at Google is world-renowned; they’re known to specifically employ people dedicated to keeping staff happy and motivated.7


Launched with the game-changing Facebook in 2004, Meta reported a net income of $10.285 billion and an employee headcount of nearly 72,000 in 2021.8 As a competitor for the world's leading Internet marketing platform, its main rivals are Google and Amazon. Those working in an MBA position for Facebook will be expected to put in about 48 hours of work per week.9

An MBA graduate who joins Meta as a Product Manager can expect an average salary of $215,109.10 The company likes MBAs who can "roll up their sleeves and build things, take risks, and be creative with problems," so potential candidates should be prepared to get fully involved.11


Founded in 1994, Amazon is now ranked as the most valuable retail company in the world and has long been noted for its propensity to hire many MBA graduates. Potential candidates will benefit from one of its varied internship options, which gives MBA graduates their own projects to run from day one.12 At a whopping 60 hours per week on average, Amazon MBAs reportedly work some of the longest hours of any business graduates.2 The average total compensation for MBA graduates at Amazon is $121,725, and the high end of the typical range is $221,000, according to Glassdoor.13

Over the years, Amazon has received mixed reviews regarding its culture and workplace environment, with reports of long hours and unreasonably strict performance assessments. However, for some, this level of dedication is believed to be what is required to build one of the most valuable tech companies in the world. Those willing to put in the work will need experience in online marketing, an understanding of technology, strong leadership skills, and excellent communication.14

Find your Future as an MBA in Information Technology

The 2021 Fortune 500 ranking included 47 technology sector companies.15 Recruiters at tech sector companies value MBA graduates for the same reason other employers do: their strong communication skills, ability to think strategically, and versatile skill set.1 Information technology is also playing an ever more critical role for businesses across the board. An MBA from Seattle University, with our tech-forward Seattle business connections and Fortune 500 alumni network, is an investment that can provide handsome returns for your immediate and long-term future.

If you're ready to become a sought-after MBA in information technology jobs, speak to one of our Admissions Advisors today and find out how an Online MBA from the Albers School of Business and Economics can help you to achieve your goals.

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